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WHO full form is World Health Organization. It is a non-governmental organization that deals with world health welfare, comes under the United Nations. World Health Organization did impressive work to protect people from disease in a different situation whenever the disease spread in the world. WHO gives guidelines to prevent the disease and handling the situation. 

What is the full form of WHO?

Maybe people are aware of diseases like smallpox, polio, and malaria. In these situations, WHO given important information like who to protect from it, the cause, and more.

There is a total of 194 countries members are working in the World Health Organization, and India is also a part of it. It has the world’s largest Blood bank deal in different situations to overcome the problems. That’s the reason people respect the WHO for its work. It’s playing an important role in the COVID-19 pandemic to stop the rise of the cases in the world.

A brief history about the WHO (World Health Organization):

  • WHO is a specialized agency in the united nation. It was established in the year 1948 on 7 April and headquarter present in Geneva, Switzerland. World health organizations deal with directories and coordinating values or authority for international health issues and public health matters.
  • On 7 April, the whole world celebrates world health day, because on this day WHO is established. In 1948 when WHO was established, only 63 countries joined the WHO, but now 194 members are joined.
  • WHO has six regional offices in different locations in Africa, South Asia, Europe, and America. One member is elected as the director of the Organization by the executive party.

Working of WHO:

  • The primary function of the WHO is to help the government with health services and issues.
  • WHO tries to raise awareness among the people to know the importance of the health and prevention of disease in the world.
  • World Health Organization always keeps an eye on the world health and report the detail to the people.
  • Over 7000 employees are working in the world health organization.

WHO works on six core function:

  1. Providing leadership on global health matters.
  2. Shaping the health research agenda.
  3. Setting norms and standards.
  4. Articulating evidence-based policy options.
  5. Providing technical support to countries.
  6. Monitoring and assessing health trends.

WHO members:

The countries that are the members of united nations may become a member of WHO by accepting the World Health Organization’s constitution. Other countries that are not a member of United Nation can join as a member after admitted when a simple majority vote had approved the World Health Assembly’s application.

WHO has partners with different countries, the United Nations system, International Organisation, Civil society, Foundations, Academia, Research institution.

WHO operates across six regions:

  1. Africa Region
  2. Region of America
  3. South-East Asia Region
  4. Europe Region
  5. Eastern Mediterranean Region and
  6. Western Pacific Region

World Health Assembly Main Function of WHO:

who full form
  • Determine the policies of the Organization.
  • Appoint the General-Director
  • Supervise financial policies
  • Review and approve the proposed program budget.

General Director Main Function of WHO:

  • WHO’s the chief technical and administrative officer
  • Oversees the policies for the Organization’s international health work.

The current General Director is Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for five years term on 1 July 2017.

WHO funding: 

WHO has two sources of revenue.

  1. Assessed contribution: member-state government set amount to expected to be paid to the WHO based on income and population.
  2. Voluntary contribution: Contribution from private organization and individuals.

A TOP recent development by World Health Organization:

As the Coronavirus spread globally, WHO was trying to control and spread the awareness of the virus to the people to protect from the virus by giving guidelines. The main objective of the WHO to stop transmission and prevent the spread of the virus from saving a life.

Pandemic diseases according to WHO:

who full form
  1. Chikungunya
  2. Cholera
  3. Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever
  4. Ebola virus diseases
  5. Hendra virus infection
  6. Lassa fever
  7. Marburg virus disease
  8. Meningitis
  9. MERS-CoV
  10. SARS

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FAQs related to WHO full form:

What is the full form of FAO?

The full form of FAO is Food and Agriculture Organization. It is also an organization that helps people to defeat hunger. It is a particular agency of the United Nations.

What is the meaning of WHO?

World Health Organization is a non-governmental agency that helps the people to protect and prevent diseases. It is a United Nations agency.

What is the full form of FA?

The full form of FA is Faculty of Art. It is a university division teaching.

What is the full form of UNICEF?

UNICEF full form is United Nations International Children Emergency Fund.

Conclusion of the WHO full form:

We are tried to give you complete information about the WHO full form and Organization. This information is based on research and hard work. Who full form