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In this post, we are going to learn about UPS full form and complete information like What is the full form of USB and UPS, What is the use of UPS, What is a full form of WiFi, What is the main function of a UPS, Why do we need UPS and more.


UPS full form is Uninterruptible Power Supply. It’s run with a battery to supply electricity to the sensitive equipment when there are primary sources is a failure. If the power supply is cut-off, then you can be supply power with the help of this UPS device. You can easily keep your work continuously for a short time when your electric device power is cut off. It is used for backup of current for an emergency. When power is cut off it switches to battery in few milliseconds. The Inverter circuit converts and provides only the battery’s DC current to the AC.

There are many UPSs are available on the market currently that provide technology that instantly saves your information and shuts down your pc. Battery size plays an essential role in UPS system selection. The environment has been affected adversely. To find the capacity of the UPS you have to find the load. The combined amount of power each of the device used the load.

What is prime role of UPS?

  1. Corrected the voltage spike (sustained overvoltage).
  2. Removing noise.
  3. Quick reduction in input voltage.
  4. Harmonic distortion.

Types of UPS:

Mainly there are two types or models of UPS systems. Which are given below.
  1. Offline ups 
  2.  Online ups

Offline ups: It is also called a standby Power system.  you can make use of these types of offline ups when there is a sudden power cut-off. The connected devices switch to the ups battery power to give you a short time. This type of power system widely used in computers and offline stores.

Online ups: when the power is cut off for a long time, you can use this type of power system. It is a source of power continuously without any problems. normally almost this type of power system is used in function halls. There are two drawbacks, number one is, it’s costly and number second is it’s too loud because of the cooling fan. It provides power from its inverter without interruption. It is expensive compared to Offline USP. The input voltage range is 8 – 20kv online ups and output connections are hardwired.

Advantages of ups:

  • The power supply of the ups system helps us to maintain the electric system and give power to all computer when power is cut off.
  • You can use continue work on the computer without facing the loss of data. It protects against the loss of data.
  • It banned harm inflicted by spikes & surges to the hardware.
  • The line-interactive ups maintain the cleanness of incoming power before transmitting the power.
  • You can use it at home when a lack of power supply or primary power supply is cut-off.
  • Different industries used these types of ups to run the machines.   
  • Uninterrupted power supply prices is cheaper for maintenance therefore it is cost effective.
  • It provides networks and other apps with the convenience of access while restricting downtimes

Disadvantages of ups:

  • Installing ups requires major start-up investment.
  • Infrastructure 
  • Maintenance 
  • Energy cost
  • UPSs batteries have to replaced in five to ten years.

List of Power Supply System:

  • Switched Mode Power Supply
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  • AC Power Supply.
  • DC Power Supply.
  • Regulated Power Supply.
  • Programmable Power Supply.
  • Computer Power Supply
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FAQs Related to UPS Full Form:

What is the use of UPS?

Ups use when main power supply is cut-off to get power the home, office, device, Industrial machines , etc.

What is the full form of USB and UPS ?

The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus, it is used to connect devices like a computer to the keyword. The UPS full form is Uninterruptible Power Supply.

What is a UPS full form and how does it works ?

 Ups used when the regular power supply is absence or low voltage flow. There is a battery that helps to produce power. It is also known as the battery, it helps to save the data of the computer(orderly shutdown of a computer)  while suddenly power cut off.


CPU is Central Processing Unit and UPS stand for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Conclusion UPS Full Form:

I hope you people have understood the UPS full form and also other concepts of UPS Full Form. Those who are writing the entrance exam, these types of questions may be asked for testing general knowledge in electrical fields. If this post is help full to you, then let us know in the comment section.

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