What is the ISC Full Form in English? 4 skills to crack ISC

In this post we are going to learn about the ISC Full Form, What is the full form of ISC, ISC Full Form in the course, Is ICSE and ISC same, Which is better CBSE or ISC and complete detail about it and also ISC full form in different fields like the course and school. Let start.

ISC Full Form in school:

ISC Full Form in school is an Indian school certificate. This is referred to as the 12 class students examination. The examination was conducted by the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. This examination council comes under the private board of education established by the Cambridge university of local examination on 3 November 1958.

On the ISC board, the English subject is compulsory and all the exams are conducted in English medium. If students want to write the exam in a different medium language it is possible. There are more than 2247 schools are affiliated with CISCE.

Common Subjects in ISC Board:







Environmental education


Political science

Economic and


 ISC long Form in the course:

ISC in the course is Intermediate of Science. It is a course in 12 class. Students can do this course who completed the ten classes. Students who have an interest in these subjects (math, science, chemistry, biology) can do this course easily and this course is good for them.

Students have choice to select their own interested field. In this course they are two field

1. PCB (medical interest)

2. PCM (math interest)

In PCB, students who are wanted to study in the medical field in future and have an interest in medical, they can take this. In this PCB the subjects are Physic, Chemistry, and Biology.

In PCM, students who are wanted to study in the math field and in the future or wants to study engineering. They can take this PCM and subjects in PCM are Physic, Chemistry, and Math.

The duration of the ISC course is two years, start with 11 class exams and end with 12 class exams. Students must have some skills to succeed in ISC like hard-working nature, patients, good communication, ability to listen for a long period, observation power (for best result), etc.

There are several advantages of completing the ISC full form course, that are given below:

1. ISC syllabus covers all the topic in detail.

2. Format of ISC is simple, this is helpful to the student.

3. Many institutes give preference to the ISC candidate.

4. ISC give more option to the students.

Eligibility Criteria for ISC Examination:

  1. Students who are attending school for the full-time class in any CISCE affiliated school.
  2. Only 12 class students can apply for the ISC examination. These conditions are written in CISCE policy.

ISC Other full form

ISC Full FormCategory
Idle Speed ControlAutomotive
Ignore System CrashAssembly
Imperial Sugar CompanyCompanies & Corporations
India Study ChannelWebsites
Indian Sub-ContinentGeology
Information Service CenterUSPS
Information Systems CenterMilitary
Information Systems CommandMilitary
Infrastructure Service ChargeTelecom
Integrated Strategic CommunicationMilitary
Integrated Support CommandMilitary
Integrated System ControlMilitary
Inter System CrossingElectronics
Interactive System ControlGeneral Computing
Intermediate Service CenterMilitary
Intermittent Self-CatheterizationHospitals
International Sculpture CenterRegional Organizations
International Security ConferenceConferences
International Seismological CentreRegional Organizations
International Service CorpsNon-Profit Organizations
International Songwriting CompetitionConferences & Events
International Speedway CorporationCompanies & Corporations
International Sports ClothingCompanies & Corporations
International Standards CommitteeUS Government
International Students ClubUniversities
International Systems ConsultancyInternational Business
Internet Scrabble ClubWebsites
Internet Society of ChinaRegional Organizations
Internet Storm CenterSecurity
Inter-State CouncilDepartments & Agencies
Interstate Stream CommissionUS Government
IP Solution CenterSofware & Applications
Iron Sulfur ClusterChemistry
Short-Circuit CurrentElectrical
St Mary’s AirportAirport Codes

FAQs related to ISC full form:

1. What is the difference between CBSE and ISC?

1.      CBSE is control by the government of India and ISC control by a private organization council.
2.      ISC is old compare to the CBSE.
3.      The ISC syllabus is simple to compare to the CBSE.
4.      In ISC, English is more significant than CBSE

2. Which is better CBSE or ISC for students?

In ISC syllabus is more in-depth and good compare to CBSE. Students can understand easily all the topics in detail. In CBSE the syllabus is a little bit complex.

3. What are the common skills required to the students in ISC for a better results?

Students must have several skills because if the students have these skills, it will be easy to clear the ISC exam. Suppose the students may not have one of these skills then the student has to do hard work to make that skills, which will also be helpful in the future. Skills are given below:
1.      Hard working nature
2.      Patients
3.      Good communication
4.      Ability to listen to class for long period.

4. Can ISC students can crack NEET?

Yes, there are many ICSE and ISC students who crack the NEET and JEE Main in the past. If they can, then you can also crack the exam. Don’t worry about the board while preparing the NEET or IIT JEE Main exam.

5. Where to check the ISC Results?

Go to the official website of ISC (ISC Result).

Conclusion of ISC ka full form:

We hope you guys understood the complete detail about the ISC long form. If this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.


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