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Full Form of WIFI:

In this post, we are going to learn about the WIFI full form and complete details about it like What does WiFi mean, Why is it called WiFi, wifi full form meaning, and more.

WIFI Full Form:

WIFI full form is wireless fidelity, WIFI is a wireless network technology that can connect computers, mobiles, and many devices without a wire, can easily connect to a WIFI router, and use the Internet.

Wi-Fi is a wireless network that runs the internet on different devices such as mobile computers and laptops through which one can easily operate. There is a limit to Wi-Fi. In the same range, you get Wi-Fi. In the same range, the internet will be connected.

The computer converts the wireless adapter data into signal language or radio signal and sends it to the antenna

The wireless router receives and transmits the signal. The wireless router transfers the information, decoded the received signal, and showing its information on the screen.

Generally, people use the wifi about they don’t know the wifi full form. I think you understand the wifi full form in the post.

What are the types of WIFI full form network?

1. Adapter wi-fi network

Generally, every mobile has a hotspot that connects to the internet, this type of network is called an adaptor wi-fi network. All mobile or devices are connected but do not communicate with each other.

2. infrastructure wi-fi network

An infrastructure wireless network is a network that provides service to both wired and wireless.

Advantages of WIFI network:

  •  Flexibility: Wi-Fi can be used at any place any time it helps in an emergency during lack of internet data on mobile, now it is many public places like a coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, etc give free Wi-Fi to customers.
  • Capacity: A person who is connected to the wireless network can easily maintain continuous contact with the use of the network.

As she or he moves from one place to another within the area of the network due to the high productivity of Wi-Fi employees can work more  productively because his or her work can be done easily at a convenient location within the coverage area of the Wi-Fi network

  •  Expandability: Network can be used by many users at the same time with a router and modern and environment works Additional users required additional cables connectivity.
  •  Wi-Fi speed: Wi-Fi give good speed compared to the mobile internet when we do download, it’s download faster compared to mobile internet.

Disadvantage of WIFI network:

  • Speed: The speed of the wireless network is far Slower than the wired network slower wired network has a speed of 20 to 200 Mbps, where normal Wi-Fi has a speed of 1 to 50 Mbps.
  • Range of Wi-Fi: Wireless network has limit but wired Network can cover larger area.
  • Security: The danger of hackers reading message

What is the difference between Modem and Router?

Many people actually think that a modem and a Router are the same things, but they are not. They are different from two separate roles on the network.


There are Different types of modems. Two of the most common type are cables and DSL modems. So depending upon what type of internet you are going to use, you need to use the correct type of modem.

A cable modem is connected to your home using a coaxial cable. The cable is typically provided by the same company that provides you with cable television and the DSL modem are connected using a typical phone line.

If you want the internet to your home or business, you have to have a modem. A modem establishes and maintains a dedicated connection to your internet service provided to give you access to the internet.

Now the reason why you have a modem is because of the two different types of signals that are used on a computer and on the internet.

A computer only reads digital signals, while signals get out on the internet or analogue, as analogue data come in from the internet, the modem demodulates the incoming analogue signals into a required digital signal so that a computer can understand it.

A modem also modulates outgoing digital signals from a computer into analogue signals as it goes out from the internet and this is where we get the word ‘modem’.

The word modem means modulator and demodulator, which is exactly what a modem does. It modulates outcoming data from a computer and demodulates incoming data from the internet.


There are different types of routers, there are some routes that are used in business or large organizations and there is a smaller router that is used in smaller businesses. But they basically do the same thing.

A router is what routers or passes your internet connection to all of your devices. If you only want one of your devices to access the internet, you can just plug that device network cable directly into the modem, and then you will be able to access the internet.

However, like most homes and businesses have multiple devices that need access to the internet and that’s where you need the router.

When they send you a modem or if you were to buy one at the store, the modem might be a modem/router combination. So it will be a modem with a built-in wireless router in one device.

FAQs related to WIFI Full Form:

Who is the real inventor of WiFi?

Inventor: Vic Hayes
Vic Hayes has been called the father of wifi.
the first version 802.11 protocol was released in 1997.

What is the best frequency range of wifi between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

the important difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz is, the 2.4GHz covers a large area and provides a large area. If you need wifi with a large area then 2.4GHz is the best option compare to others.

How to connect the hotspot in mobile?

> Open the setting in mobile phone
> Click on wifi option
> Click the known name in the list of wifi names
> Type the password then click connect

What is the WIFI full form?

The full form of WIFI is wireless fidelity.

Conclusion of WIFI Full Form:

We hope you guys understood the WIFI Full Form and also other concepts related to WIFI which is helpful to improve the general knowledge. If this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.

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