What is the PWD full form in English? | 4 Best Types of PWD


The PWD full form is the public works department which is generally made for public development.  This department comes under the government of India. Which deals with the public development of infrastructures like bridges, government buildings, roads, and more.

It is central authority that is responsible for public development in India. To manage the safe water for the city and as well as repair of damaged water pipes. Furthermore, if there is any damage of government schools, hospitals, and roads.

Every state of India, PWD is present. It has divisions, subdivisions, and sections. Every state of India has the same rules for the maintenance of public projects like the safety of roads and highways, government building, etc.

The works of PWD is divided into four types.

  1. Construction, development, and safety of roads, highways, and flyovers.
  2. Government buildings construction and maintenance like schools, hospitals, etc.
  3. Construction and maintenance of railways bridge-like metro bridges etc.
  4. Drinking water system.

How to become the PWD officer?

First of all you have to decide which PWD wanted to apply state PWD or centre PWD. which is called CPWD. 

Now for state PWD, first of all, you have to full fill the criteria then you will eligible for the exam. There are two posts, first Junior Engineer (JE) and second Assistant Engineer (AE).

  • For junior engineer, every states generally take one tier exam pattern for becoming a Junior Engineer.
  • For AE, every state conduct two tiers exam pattern, prelims, and mains. Forgoing the mains exam, the candidate has to pass the prelims. That how you become an Assistant Engineer.

Now for center PWD, there are two tiers the same prelims and mains. In prelims, the pattern is objective types and in mains, the pattern is subjective questions come. For the final cut off both pre and mains are added so prepare like that. 

There is a limit of the age range in this range they will select the candidates (21 – 38). There is no age range limit for SC/ST and OBC.

FAQs Related to PWD full form:

What is PWD mean?

PWD means it is a department of public works. generally made for public developments like construction and maintenance of government schools and hospitals, roads, bridges, and drinking water systems.

What is the age limit for applying the PWD exam?

YES, there is a limit of age, those who are applying for the PWD exam that is (21 – 38). those who are SC/ST and OBC Candidate no limit for them.

Conclusion of PWD full form:

I hope you people have understood the PWD full form and other concepts of PWD. which is important for those who are applying for the PWD exam and who are interested in PWD knowledge. I things this information is helpful to you if it’s let us know in the comment section.

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