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VDU Full Form:

The VDU full form is “Visual Display Unit“. Visual Display Unit also called as Video Display Unit. The term VDU is frequently used interchangeably with “ monitor” but it can also relate to another type of screen, similar to a digital projector. The Visual Display Unit (VDU) is a device with a screen that displays characters or presentations or information generated by a computer or other electronic device. VDUs can be supplemental devices or can be integrated with other factors. For instance, the Apple iMac uses a multifunctional design and strategy, in which the screen and the computer are incorporated into a single unit.

A visual display unit consists of a display device and keyboard and can also include a mouse. In the USA, it’s occasionally called a video display terminal (VDT). It’s most generally used to describe the CRT monitor display, a now archaic standard that has been replaced by panel displays. A flat-screen monitor and a projector are exemplifications of the visual display unit.

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VDU Other name:

Full FormCategory
Virtual Definition UnitGeneral
Vacuum Distillation UnitEngineering
Variable Data UserGeneral Computing
Vector Directed UnitMilitary
Vehicle Display UnitTransportation
Verband der UnabhängigenPolitics
Very Dear UtilityFunnies
Very Dumb UserGeneral
Video Diode UnitGeneral
Video Display UnitHardware
Video Distribution UnitAircraft & Aviation
Virology Down UnderGeneral
Virtual Disk UtilitySoftware
Virtual Displeasing UnitFunnies
Visual Display UnionUnions
Vital disk upgradeGeneral
Voice Detection UnitGeneral
Volar Distal UlnaGeneral
Vytauto Didžiojo UniversitetasUniversities