USB Full Form

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USB Full Form

The USB full form is Universal Serial Bus. It is a common or garden bus that allows communication between devices and a host controller similar to a PC (computer). Similar buses are handy when we’re concerned about how to link the computer to the electronic system we have. They’re used for networking, connection, or power supply purposes between two electrical systems.

Universal Serial Bus is productive and it helps to reduce the workload to serve the function such as transferring the data and also for power supply between gadgets for instance mice, printers, digital cameras, keyboards, scanners, flash drives and external hard drives etc.

History of USB

In 1994, it was developed by a group of seven companies. namely Microsoft, Compaq, Intel, Nortel, DEC, IBM and NEC. The USB was developed for users to work comfortably with the connection of multiple external devices of computers and other machines. It is considered the most useful device for people.

There are multiple sizes of USBs are available for connection, which are listed below.

  1. Micro size USB
  2. Mini size USB
  3. Standard size USB

For connection of USB with a computer, insert the USB in the USB port of the computer. It will automatically detect the device and no need of restarting the computer after the inserted the USB device.

Advantages of USB device:

  • USB consume less power
  • It is not expensive
  • Several sizes are available for different connection with various device.
  • Each USB port can insert any USB device.

Disadvantages of USB:

  • The USB length is limited.
  • Few modern USB need sustained speed.
  • The overall performance and capacity of the USB is limited.
  • Broadcasting is not supported to the USB.

Conclusion Full Form of USB:

The USB full form is Universal Serial Bus. It is a common use device for connection between multiple devices such as computer, mouse, keyword, printer, external storage device, media devices, etc.

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