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TRP’s full form is Television Rating Point. A television rating point is a tool that indicates the popularity of the programs on television channels. TRP is used as a judge in which television programs are viewed most by the public.

Which television program has higher TRP, it indicates that this television program is viewed more compare to other programs on the television.

This TRP is very helpful to those people who are do advertising on television. The advertiser can know which television program more views are coming to their advertiser place the advertisement on that particular channel or television program.

How to calculate the TRP?

Presently, Indian National Television Audience Measurement (INTAM). There is only one agency in India working on TRP calculation.

There are two methods to calculate the TRP.

  1. Frequently Monitoring Method.
  2. Picture Matching Technique.

Frequently Monitoring Method:

To calculate TRP in this method. A device is attached to the television to the thousand of people in the house. This device named people meter and records the time and program. This device is very costly.

The average TRP is calculated from the 30 days to know the viewership status.

Picture Matching Technique:

This technique is new in India, the people meter continuously records a small portion of the particular picture that watched at the television. The data is collected from the houses and calculate the national rating.

FAQs Related to TRP Full Form:

How invented the television rating point?

Nielsen developed the television rating program in 1950. He and his company developed the rating system for his company (radio). This method becomes the primary source in the US for measurement audience information.
Now a day different television channels are using the benefits of this system.

Who invented the television?

Philo Farnsworth has successfully invented television in the year 1927 at the age of fifteen. He imagined that why an electronic television could work.

Which program has the highest TRP?

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan gets the highest TRP in history in India.

Is TRP help to the advertiser?

Yes, TRP helps the advertiser to know which program has more viewed to place an advertisement and get benefits.

How many methods are used to calculate the TRP in India?

Two methods are used to calculate the TRP by Indian national television audience measurement that is given below.
· Frequently Monitoring Measurement
· Picture Matching Technique

Conclusion of TRP full form:

We hope you guys understand the full form of TRP and other concepts related to TRP. If this information helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.

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