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TI Full Form:

The TI full form is Traffic Inspector. Traffic Inspector is an officer for managing traffic and spread through different directions. Inspector has to perform the service within the assigned territory of the streetcar, bus, bikes, etc. Inspector has to investigate schedule delays, accidents, equipment failures and complaints and filed written reports.

Reports disruptions to service work, using radiotelephone to the high post officers. Determines required for changes in work, like additional coaches, route changes revised schedules to increase operating efficiency improve service, etc. Traffic Inspector also known as Town Inspector.

Their main work is to take care of metropolises or main business or busiest routes. When a citizen defies or disobeys business rules, there’s a provision to challan or discipline them incontinently under the motor vehicles act.

 Traffic Inspector and Town Inspector are appointed where there’s further traffic or they get posting in the main megacity where the crowd has to be controlled, their main job is to follow the business rules and Motor Vehicle Act.

Traffic Inspector and Town Inspector are given six months of training in which information is given about Motor Vehicle Act and all business rules related rules and regulations so that they aren’t suitable to follow any illegal motor vehicle act on the road. But catch the vehicles and fine and cut the challan.


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