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1) TDR Full Form:

The TDR full form is Ticket Deposit Receipt. It is a type of repayment when the passenger can’t able to perform the journey or is submitted to claim the refund amount in case of not join the journey. There should be a valid reason for filing the TDR.

Listed below are the valid reason for filing the TDR.

  • The train is cancelled due to flood, water logging, or any other reason.
  • The train is late due to reason for more than three hours.
  • Wrongly charges by TTE.
  • AC failure in train
  • Difference is fare
  • Travelling without any proper identification.
  • You get down due to illness on other station (partially travelled)

TDR can be applied within the three hours of departure schedule. The time duration of the refund is up to 90 days. Further information regarding the TDR can be checked on the IRCTC website.

2) TDR is Term Deposit Receipt

The TDR full form in bank is Term Deposit Receipt. It refers to the account which has a fixed term. Term Deposit Receipt is also known as Fixed Deposit Scheme. TDR offers good and high interest compared to the other deposit account.

It is a short term deposit. It’s short-range maybe a few months to a few years. The amount can be withdrawn at the end of the term.

3) TDR: Time Domain Reflectometer.

The TDR full form is Time Domain Reflectometer. It is a time-domain reflectometer technique for locating faults in metallic cables. It is an electronic device for locating faults in cables such as twisted-pair wire and coaxial cables. It is a multiple purpose usage such as locating discontinuity in a printed circuit board and any other electrical path.

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Abbreviation of TDR Full Form:

Full FormCategory
Ticket Deposit ReceiptIndian Railways
Term Deposit ReceiptBanking
Time-Domain ReflectometerElectronics
Time-Domain ReflectometryElectronics
Transaction Data ReportTelecommunication
Time Domain ReflectometerTelecommunication
Contents of Arvid TapeFile Type
TIRUVIDALMARUDRIndian Railway Station
Time Domain ReflectometryElectronics
Total Debt RestructuringAccounts and Finance
Technical Design ReviewSpace Science
Technical Documentation ReportSpace Science
Test Discrepancy ReportSpace Science
Tasks, Duties, and ResponsibilitiesJob Title
TheodoreAirport Code
Timeout Detection and RecoveryComputer Hardware
Total Death RaceSports
The Death RaceSports
The Dark RidersMilitary and Defence
Training Device RequirementMilitary and Defence
Transportation Discrepancy ReportMilitary and Defence
Task Description ReportMilitary and Defence