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TDC Full Form:

The TDC full form in college is Top Dead Centre. It is a position in a piston in a reciprocating engine. It is a position in which the piston is either farthest from, or nearest to, the crankshaft. This former is known as a Top Dead Centre (TDC) while the lather is known as Bottom Dead Centre.

The top dead centre is any position in the crankshaft where an applied force along its axis, means no turning force is applied. In many types of machines is crank driven including unicycles, bicycles and tricycles.

The TDC can be measured the position for different purposes and to understand the crack working. Various machine engines such as reciprocating engines, bicycle cranks, steam engines, other machines. The TDC and BDC positions help to understand the two-stroke engine and four-stroke engine.

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TDC Abbreviation:

TDC Full FormCategory
Top Dead CenterAcademic & Science
Technical Domain ControllerNetworking
Three Degrees CentigradeChemistry
Time-to-digital ConverterElectronics
Total Direct CompensationJob Title
Technology Dissemination CenterTechnology
Technology Development CenterTechnology
Technology Development CorporationTechnology
Tal Drama CollegeEducational Institute
Triple Digits ClubSports
Tactical Data CoordinatorMilitary and Defence
Time Dispersed CodingMilitary and Defence
Technical Development ConferenceMilitary and Defence
Technology Demonstration CenterMilitary and Defence
Torpedo Data ComputerMilitary and Defence