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1) STD Full Form

STD call full form is Subscriber Trunk Dialing. Occasionally, it’s called Subscriber Toll Dialing. STD is used to permit subscribers to call trunk calls for a long-distance outside a particular boundary without driver assistance.

The Subscriber Trunk Dialing is usually spoken in the UK, India, Australia, Republic of Ireland and South East Asia. In the USA, it’s called Direct Distance Dialing.
The STD network was initiated in 1958 and finished in 1979. This system specifies STD codes for each particular region area, officially known as area codes. These codes should be called by the subscriber before the phone number to make a call.

2) STD: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD full form is Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STD are infections that are generally spread by having sex, especially vaginal intercourse, anal and oral sex. STDs generally refer to sexually transmitted infection (STI) and venereal diseases. These diseases initially don’t cause symptoms, so there are risks. There are chances of transmitting the diseases from one to another (greater risk).

Symptoms of STDs

  • Ulcers on the genitals or around the genitals.
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Penile Discharge
  • Pelvic Pain etc.
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Other STD Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
Subscriber Trunk DiallingTelecommunicationSTD
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDiseaseSTD
Simplified Trellis DecoderComputer and NetworkingSTD
DobraCountry CurrencySTD
Sexually Transmitted DiseaseMedicalSTD
Doctor of Sacred TheologyEducational DegreeSTD
Sacrae Theologiae DoctorEducational DegreeSTD
Subscriber Trunk DialingTelecommunicationSTD
Secondary Telecom DistrictTelecommunicationSTD
Locoscript StandardFile TypeSTD
State Transition Diagram Graphics FileFile TypeSTD
Simple To DesignSoftwaresSTD
Security Tools DistributionSoftwaresSTD
Software Test DocumentComputer TechnologySTD
SATRODIndian Railway StationSTD
Sweet Translucent DreamsMessagingSTD
Some Thing DuhMessagingSTD
Soft Touch DenialMessagingSTD
Shuttle Test DirectorSpace ScienceSTD
StandardSpace ScienceSTD
Standard Transmission DifficultiesSpace ScienceSTD
Saves The DayJob TitleSTD
Santo DomingoAirport CodeSTD
Set Direction FlagComputer Assembly LanguageSTD
Standard DeviationMathsSTD
Sexualy Transmited DiseaseDiseaseSTD
Synthetic Training DeviceMilitary and DefenceSTD
Software Test DescriptionMilitary and DefenceSTD