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What Is The SPO Full Form? | Meaning, Special Police Officer

SPO Full Form:

The SPO full form in police is Special Police officer. The state government of Indian are finally introduced special police to prevent crime. Last some years, the police department found that crimes are increase with critical situations. To prevent that such crime and peace among the people, various states introduce Special Police Officers.

The special police officers are recruited after the completion of three rounds of interviews conducted by the higher officers such as police officer chiefs, assistant commissioner and deputy commissioner. The city police also decided to give the identity card and uniforms to the special police officers.


SPO Full FormCategory
System Program OfficeSpace Science
System program office,Government
Sanjh Preet OrganizationOrganization
State Procurement OfficeLocal State
Shuttle Projects OfficeSpace Science
Special Palm OilEnvironmental
Sponsored Projects OfficeUniversity
Strengthening Participatory OrganisationNon-Profit Organization
Small Pack OptionMilitary
SURPURAIndian Railway Station
South PoleOther
special position operatorGovernment
Sign Performance OutreachCommunity
Special Project OfficeMilitary
system project organizationGovernment
Security, Plans, and OperationsMilitary
Space Pirate OrganizationScience Fiction
Security and Plans OfficerMilitary
Spare Parts OrderSpace Science
South Pole ObservatoryOcean Science
Secondary Public OfferingStock Exchange
State Planning OfficeLocal State
Special Project OfficerBusiness Position
system project office, Government
serving post officeUSPS
System Project OfficeMilitary
Super Production OverBusiness

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