SIS full form

SIS Full Form | Security and Intelligence Services

SIS Full Form:

The SIS full form is Security and Intelligence Services. Security and Intelligence Services provide security services around the world, it is the second-largest and fast-growing security company in India and the largest security provider company in Australia.

The Company has developed its portfolio of services in order to feed the requirements of different consumer parts including business realities Government associations and homes and to work the growth and eventuality of similar client parts in India.

SIS has the largest trained force chain in India. The Company is promoted by Ravindra Kishore Sinha and Rituraj Kishore Sinha. As of March 31 2019, the Company has 38 accessories 3 associates and 2 CommonVentures.

Security and Intelligence Services (India) Limited was incorporated as a private limited company with the name Security and Intelligence Services (Eastern India) Private Limited on January 2 1985.

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Abbreviation of SIS:

SIS Full FormCategory
Safety Instrumented SystemElectronics
Suspended Imposition Of SentenceLaw
Self Injury SupportPhysiology
Single Image StereogramPhotography
Shuttle Information SystemSpace Science
Simulator Interface SystemSpace Science
Scanscope Image SetFile Type
Scripture In SongReligious
Sishen airportRegional Airport Code
Special Intelligence ServiceMilitary
Simplified Interline SettlementMessaging
IEEE Swarm Intelligence SymposiumConference
Schengen Information SystemBusiness Firm
selective inquiry systemGovernment
Software Implementation SpecificationSpace Science
simulation interface subsystemGovernment
Superconductor Insulator SuperconductorElectronics
Psion Software Installation FileFile Type
Science Information SystemsUniversity
Substratum Intake SystemEarth Science
Shimano Index ShiftingComputer Software
standard information systemGovernment
Special Information SystemsMilitary and Defence
Shuttle Interface SimulatorSpace Science
Systems Integration ScheduleSpace Science
Stow Infrastructure SystemMilitary and Defence
Simple Instruction SetComputer Assembly
Saratoga Independent SchoolSchool
School of International ServiceOther
Symbian Installation SystemSoftwares
special information systemGovernment
shorter interval schedulingGovernment
Stud In SpandexInternet Slang
Special Intelligence SystemMilitary and Defence
SisterBusiness Position
super instrumentation systemGovernment
Paine Webber Group, Inc.AMEX Symbol
School Internet ServerEducation
Satellite Information SystemSpace Science
Software Integrated ScheduleSpace Science
Success In ScienceEducation
satellite interceptor systemGovernment
Social Information SystemsPolice
Spectrum Internet SuiteComputer Software
Standard Interface SpecificationSpace Science
Share In SavingsStock Exchange
Sail Interface SystemSpace Science
special interest sectionGovernment
Scanning Imaging SpectrometerSpace Science
Secret Intelligence ServiceGovernment
Silicon Integrated SystemsBusiness Firm
Small Inducible SecretedMaths
Serial Input SpecialSpace Science
System Integration and SupportMilitary
Single Instance StoreBusiness Firm
safety injection signalGovernment
Student Information SystemEducation
Social Information SystemCommunity
Superconducting-insulating-superconductingSpace Science
SishenAirport Code
Strategic Information SystemMilitary