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What Is The SCHOOL Full Form In English? | Top 10 Abbreviation

School Full Form:

School full form is Student Come Here Obtain Objective Of Life. It comes under the education category. The school word is drives from Greek and Latin. A school is a place where students get a piece of educational information and learn how to be objective about life.

School full form in India:

Generally, there is no specific definition of school it is a word itself. Another meaning of school full form is, The “Group of fishes” are called school. It is a learning institute where pupils are taught in the learning environment in the presence of students and teachers.

S- Student

C- Come

H- Here

O- Objective

O- Of

L- Life

Another meaning:

S- Seven

C- Crappy

H- Hours

O- Of

O- Our

L- Life

school is a place where students are trained with the help of different activities. Children spend there more than half a day daily. School is designed in such a way that children love to come and have fun with knowledge. The modern English word school is gathered from an old English word, scol, which derives from the Latin, which means “ a break from work”.

Abbreviation full form:

  • Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning
  • Scholars Come Here Over and Out for Learning
  • Seven Crap Hours Of Our Life
  • Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives
  • Seven Cruel Hour Of Our Lives
  • Seven Cruel Hours Of Our Life
  • Several Common Hours Of Our Learning -lifes
  • Several Crappy Hours Of Our Lives
  • Six Crappy Hours Of Our Lives
  • Six Crapy Hours Of Our Life
  • Six Cruel Hours of Our Life
  • Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives
  • Six/Seven Coolest Hours Of Our Life
  • Small Citizens House Of Official Learning
  • Student, Culture, Honesty, Obedience, Order, Loyalty
  • Students Cursed Humans Offering Old Lemons
  • Study Communicational Hours Organization Of Library
  • Stupid Children Hate Our Opportunities to Learn
  • Stupid, Class, Half, Of ,Out Learning
  • Stupidly Cruel Hours Of Our Lifetime
  • Success Comes Hard Outside Of Learning


What is the short form of school?

The short form of school is sch.

Why a school called school?

The school word drives from the Greek word schole, which means leisure.

DAV school full form?

Dayanand Anglo Vedic.


The school full form is Student Come Here Obtain Objective Of Life. They are various full form is available above.

LASER Full Form

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