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SCC Full Form | Serial Communications Controllers | Meaning Definition

1) SCC Full Form:

The SCC full form is Serial Communications Controllers. It is a family of serial port drivers and integrated circuits made by Zilog. With the help of a device (UART), traditional serial communications are normally implemented.

2) SCC in Sport:

The SCC stands for Southeastern Conference. It is an American college athletic conference. There are 14 members at this conference include the flagship public universities of ten states, three additional public land-grant universities, and one private research university.

 3) SCC in Medical term:

The SCC stands for Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. It is a common skin type of cancer that developed into the squamous cell that present in the upper and lower layer of the skin.

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SCC Full Form abbreviation:

Full FormCategory
Standards Coordinating Committee (IEEE)Computer and Networking
Standards Council of CanadaComputer and Networking
Switching Control CenterTelecommunication
Specialized Common CarrierTelecommunication
Service Connection ChargesTelecommunication
Serial Communication ControllerNetworking
System Console ConcentratorNetworking
Msx Picture Bitmap GraphicsFile Type
Soft Computer Consultants, Inc.Softwares
Source Code ControlSoftwares
Strongly Connected ComponentSoftwares
Source Control CodeSoftwares
Simplified C CompilerSoftwares
SITAPUR CANTIndian Railway Station
Stress Corrosion CrackingChemistry
Signal Coupling ConductorElectronics
Sound Custom ChipElectronics
Safety Control CenterSpace Science
Simulation Control CenterSpace Science
Slidell Computer ComplexSpace Science
Standard Cubic CentimetersSpace Science
Simple Cycle CheckingSpace Science
Standard Cubic CentimeterMeasurement Unit
Single-column CentimeterMeasurement Unit
Signal Conditioning CarrierRadio Science
Prudhoe Bay/deadhorse (ak)Airport Code
Southeastern Community CollegeEducational Institute
Sacramento City CollegeEducational Institute
Southeast Community CollegeEducational Institute
Spartanburg Community CollegeEducational Institute
Scottsdale Community CollegeEducational Institute
Spokane Community CollegeEducational Institute
Santiago Canyon College’sEducational Institute
Santiago Canyon CollegeEducational Institute
Solano Communty CollegeEducational Institute
Shanghai Costom CollegeEducational Institute
Suffolk Community CollegeEducational Institute
Sandhills Community CollegeEducational Institute
Solano Community CollegeEducational Institute
Sodor China ClayEarth Science
Stress Crack CorrosionPhysics Related
Sudbury Canoe ClubSports
Santos Cross CountrySports
Sports Clubs CommitteeSports
Single Class ChallengeSports
Straight Character ChallengeSports
Sneaky Canadian ClanSports
Ship Control ConsoleMilitary and Defence
Security Classification CodeMilitary and Defence
Shipping Coordination CenterMilitary and Defence
Standards Coordinating CommitteeMilitary and Defence
System Control CenterMilitary and Defence
Switching Control ComplexMilitary and Defence
Synchronized Command ControlMilitary and Defence