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PVT Full Form | Private Limited | Meaning, Definition

PVT Full Form:

The PVT full form is Private Limited. Both terms private and limited are related to the company. When the company raises its capital privately then it is called a private limited. Maybe you guys have seen at the end of the companies names such as ABCD Private Limited. It is a privately held business entity. Which is used to describe the company or business.

USP Full Form

Abbreviation of PVT:

Full Form Category
Local Fidonet Private Pointlist File Type
Positioning, Velocity, and Timing Military and Defence
polyvinyl toluene Government
Physical Vapor Transport Space Science
Position Velocity Time Computer Software
Production Validation Test Military and Defence
Product Verification Test Military and Defence
Pressure Volume Temperature Chemistry
Pressure, Volume, and Temperature Chemistry
Position, Velocity, Time Physics
Pre-flight Verification Test Space
Prototype Version Test Military and Defence
Pyrotechnic Verification Test Space Science

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