PSU Full Form in English | Top 10 companies in PSU categories

PSU Full Form: Public Sector Undertaking.

The PSU full form is Public Sector Undertaking. In 1947 India got freedom at that time there are total 5 companies in public sector enterprises. From 1951 to 1991 the Government of India made different types of Companies. These companies are working in different fields day by day these companies are increasing so the Government of India was decided to separate these companies into three categories that are given below.

  1. Maharatna 
  2. Navaratna 
  3. Miniratna 

The companies which are listed in these three categories that type of companies is known as PSU companies. and a list of companies in different categories in India.

From here we are going to study these three categories and after that, we will look at how to get a job in these PSU companies, the procedure for apply, benefits of doing the job in such PSU companies, salary, entrance exam, other ways to get a job in PSU companies, and more. Let’s start.

Maharatna in PSU Full Form: 

Introduction: The companies which are listed in Maharatna, that companies have more autonomy and more authority compared to Navratna and Miniratna companies. 

 Maharatna Company can invest money from 1000 to 5000 crore INR in India without any accommodation or permission from the Government of India.

The Maharatna companies can invest 15% of their net worth in India without any permission.

Conditions:(to come under the Maharatna categories):

  •  Companies who wanted to come under the Maharatna companies should be in the Navaratna category first.
  •  Company turnover from the last 3 years should be 25000 crore INR.
  •  The company net worth from the last 3 years should be 5000 crore INR and more.
  •  company net profit required is 5000 crore INR after deduction of all tax and other.
  •  the company that wanted to join in Maharatna category, that company has to follow the Security Exchange Board of India.

 Name of the companies in the Maharatna category:

  1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  3.  Coal India Limited
  4. GAIL India limited
  5.  Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

 Salary package and extra benefits in Maharatna companies:

If you have completed your engineering graduation degree and looking for a job in these PSU companies (Maharatna companies).

 There are two fields you can make your career in these Maharatna companies.

  1. Technical field
  2.  Management field
PSU CompaniesSalary Range per monthExtra benefits
NTCP Limited60,000 – 1,80,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.
ONGC Limited60,000 – 1,80,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.
GAIL Limited50,000-1,50,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.

These companies are secure, stable and trustable.

Navaratna in PSU Full Form:

There are total 14 companies are listed in the Navaratna category. Depending on these three factors, the 14 companies got the status of Navaratna by the Security Exchange Board of India.

  1. Turnover
  2. Net worth
  3. Net profits

The Maharatna category companies can invest their money in India like that same as Navaratna companies can also invest there some percentage of net worth in India without any permission or recommendation Government of India.

 Conditions: (To get the status of Navaratna):

  • The company has to required the state of Miniratna in category No. 1. 
  •  The company that wanted to get the status of Navratna, that company must have four independent directors that are working independently in the company.
  •  Depending upon these factors the company has to perform these factors and at least the company has to get 60% out of 100%.

Names of the 14 companies who are listed in the Navratna category:

  1.  Engineers India Limited
  2.  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  3.  Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
  4.  National Aluminium Company Limited
  5.  NBCC India Limited
  6.  NMDC Limited
  7.  NLC India Limited

Salary and extra benefits in the Navaratna PSU companies:

PSU CompaniesSalary range per monthExtra benefits
BEL40,000-1,40,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.
HPCL60,000-1,80,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.
Oil India Limited60,000-1,80,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.
PGCIL60,000-1,80,000DA, HRA, Medical provident funds and more.

Miniratna in PSU Full Form:

The companies who are listed in Miniratna that are registered depending upon the two categories conditions which are given below:

Category No.1 in Miniratna:

The companies which come under category no 1 follow the same rules of the Security Exchange Board of India.

  • Companies that are registered under category no 1 that companies have positive growth in the last year and positive net worth.
  • The company has to get 30 crore net profits in one year at least from last three years.
  • The company has to invest the 500 crore INR in the Indian market so that the government of India has to know the company can join category no. 1.

Category No.2 in Miniratna:

  • The company who wanted to join in a category no. 2 in mini Ratna, that company should have positive growth and profit net profits last year.
  • The total number of companies that are registered in mini Ratna category no.1 are 62 and in category no.2 are 12 companies.

Names of the companies in Miniratna PSU companies:

  1.  Airport Authority of India
  2.  Antrix Corporation Limited
  3.  Balmer Lawrie and Co. Limited 
  4. Bharat Coking coal Limited
  5.  Bharat Dynamics Limited
  6.  BEML Limited
  7. Bahar Sanchar Nigam Limited

Salary and Extra Benefits:

 The starting salary of a job in mini Ratna PSU companies is 40,000 after promotion, the salary increment to 120,000 per month and other extra benefits the same as given in Maharatna.

Other PSU Full Form

PSU Full FormCategories
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Prescribing Support UnitMilitary
Primary Sampling UnitTransportation
Prince of Songkla UniversityUniversities & Institutions
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Printer Scalable UnitGeneral Computing
Professional Skaters UnionUnions
Program Stream UnitGeneral
Project Support UnitBusiness
Prueba de Selección UniversitariaExams & Tests
Public Sector UnionUnions
Putussibau, IndonesiaAirport Codes
Python Secret UndergroundInternet

FAQs related to PSU Full Form:

How to get jobs PSU in Maharatna, Navaratna and Miniratna PSU companies?

There are two ways to get jobs in PSU in the Maharatna, Navaratna and, Miniratna. The ways are given below.
1.     GATE Exam: the Gate exam is an entrance exam for getting admission in master of engineering, master or technology, and more but there are some companies that selected the candidate for selection of job.
2.     Personal level exam (PLE): this personal level conduct by Maharatna, Navaratna, and Miniratna for selecting the candidate.

What is the PSU full form in electronic?

The PSU full form in electronic is Power Supply Unit. PSU full form is available in different fields like business, medical and more.

Which is the best PSU in india?

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
 Coal India Limited
GAIL India limited
 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
 Indian Oil Corporation Limited
 NTPC Limited
 Oil and Natural Gas Corporation limited
 Power Grid Corporation of India
 Steel Authority of India Limited

Conclusion of PSU Full Form:

We hope you guys understood the PSU full form and also other topics related to PSU. If this information looks informative then let us know in the comment.

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