PPP Full Form | PPP in 5 Different fields – पीपीपी का फुल फॉर्म

In this article, we will come to know about PPP Full Form in different categories. Public-Private Partnership, Paycheck Protection Program, PowerPoint presentation (PPP full form in computer), Pakistan Public Party, and People Progressive Party. We will learn all these one by one in detail here. 

Public-private partnership:

ppp full form

The public-private partnership shows the partnership between private companies and the Public sector in financing, designing and developing infrastructural facilities. When the public sector feels to implement the new government projects in the country, but if the government does not have enough money to make and skilled workforce, the government will deal with private companies to do this project. This partnership is called a public-private partnership. 

This type of partnership usually happens when the government has to build big projects like airport powerplant, bridge, water, transportation, healthcare, and Education. There government deal with private companies. In this partnership, both government and private companies get the benefit, and another good thing is project construction risk on a private company. 

Because of this partnership, the government gets more time to focus on essential issues of people, and private companies will take care of the project. 

Features of Public-Private Partnership:

  • Facilitate Partnership: This partnership is beneficial to both the private and public sector and mutual understanding.
  • Management for a specified time: The second thing is to complete the project as soon as possible without any problem related to time. 
  • High Priority Projects: The government generally have high priority projects. These projects only deal with high companies.
  • Revenue sharing: After completing the projects, the government shared the revenue to the private sector in a particular period.
  • Risk sharing: High priority projects have risk. In partnership, the risk is also shared with the private sector.

PPP full form in Computer:

PPP full form in computer is PowerPoint Presentation. Powerpoint presentation is a Microsoft slideshow presentation program. This powerpoint use to show the visual presentation with easy understanding to the listeners. It is straightforward to use, and the presentation made, that will very easy for a speaker to explain quickly. Another name is Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint presentation is a powerful presentation software developed by the Microsoft company. It is an electronic slideshow presentation used to make a professional presentation with graphics, tables, text, charts, etc. Create an extraordinary presentation that depends on the creativity of the mind. 

Other names of PowerPoint Presentation:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MS PowerPoint
  • PPT

Features of PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Slide: slide is a page (single screen) of the presentation that consists of text, images, videos, etc. The group of slides is called the Slide deck. 
  2. Transition: A transition is a visual effect that appears when you move from one slide to another during the presentation. You can manage several things like speed, add sounds and customize the look of transition effects. 
  3. Looping: looping helps us to show the slide for a particular amount of time. After that time, automatically next slide will appear. 
  4. Custom animation: Animation helps us to make the presentation dynamic and remember the information for a long time because of creativity. Animation includes entrance and exits.
  5. Design template: The design template helps us create more colourful slides and titles with custom formatting and style—this design template help to attract the listeners towards the presentation. 

PPC Full Form in Education:

Purchasing power parity

The PPP full form in Economic is Purchasing power parity. With the help of Purchasing power parity, we can compare the economic productivity and standard of living of any two countries. It is an economic principle that compares two countries currencies using goods. 

PPC Full Form in parties

ppp full form
Pakistan people party

Pakistan people party is a famous political party of Pakistan. It is a central left, secular party and social democratic party, and presently it is the third-largest party in Pakistan. This party was founded on 30 November 1967.

The president and chairman are Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. The founder of the Pakistani people party was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Headquarter present in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

People progressive party

People, the progressive party is a left-wing political party of Guyana.

FAQs Related to PPP Full Form:

What PPP means?

It is a paycheck protection program that helps small businesses give loans up to $669 billion to pay to the employees during covid crises. This loan also knows as SBA backed loan.

What is PPP funding stand for? 

Paycheck protection program 
Paycheck protection program authorizes up to $669 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses during the covid pandemic to pay their employees.

What is the full form of PPP in Education?

The PPP full form in Education is a public-private partnership. It is an opportunity for the private sector to do a collaborate with government high priority projects.

Conclusion of PPP Full Form in Economics:

We hope you have understood the PPP Full Form in economics and also other concepts related to PPP. The PPP is Private Public Partnership, Paycheck Protection Program, PowerPoint presentation (PPP Full form in computer), Pakistan Public Party, and People Progressive Party.


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