PPM Full Form

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PPM Full Form:

The PPM full form is Parts Per Million. It is also expressed in the form of Milgram Per Litre. It is used to measure the mass of the chemical or contaminate per unit volume of water.

One Part Per Million (ppm) is equivalent to the absolute fractional amount multiplied by one million. One PPM means one in a million or 1/1,000,000. Generally, it is used to describe the concentration of something in water or soil. Describing in water, it expresses as 1 ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram of something per litre of water (mg/L) and in soil, 1 milligram of something per kilogram soil (mg/kg).

  • 1 PPM = 1 mg/kg
  • 1 PPM = 1 mg/ltr
  • 1 PPM = 0.0001 %

PPM Full Form in Computer:

PPM full form in computer is Pages Per Minutes. Still, the vendor is saying that the printer will publish 15 test pages in one minute If a seller advertises a speed of 15 PPM. It’s up to the seller, still to decide what content to put on a test page and what print mode to use for the test. It isn’t unusual for the ink coverage on a test page to take up lower than 10 of the available print area or for the test pages to be published out in low resolution to inflate the PPM numbers.

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Other PPM Abbreviation:

PPM Full FormCategoryTerm
Parts Per MillionMeasurement UnitPPM
Pages Per MinuteMeasurement UnitPPM
Perl Package ManagerProgramming LanguagePPM
Portable Pixel MapFile TypePPM
Portable Pixel Map Bitmap GraphicsFile TypePPM
Packaged for Patch ManagerSoftwaresPPM
PHIRANGIPURAMIndian Railway StationPPM
Pollution of Pure MaterialsChemistryPPM
Pulse Position ModulationElectronicsPPM
Portable Pixelmap Image FormatElectronicsPPM
Pulse Period ModulationElectronicsPPM
Part Per MinuteSpace SciencePPM
Pulses Per MinuteSpace SciencePPM
Peaks Per MinuteMeasurement UnitPPM
Pints Per MilliliterMeasurement UnitPPM
Pictures Per MileMeasurement UnitPPM
Particles Per MillionMeasurement UnitPPM
Points Per MinuteMeasurement UnitPPM
Pension Plan for ManagementJob TitlePPM
Pompano Beach (fl)Airport CodePPM
Petroleum Project ManagementBusiness ManagementPPM
Professional Properties ManagementBusiness ManagementPPM
Professional Property ManagementBusiness ManagementPPM
Project and Portfolio ManagementBusiness ManagementPPM
Prudential Portfolio ManagersStock ExchangePPM
Points Per MileSportsPPM
Polytechnic Playing MachineSportsPPM