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1) PPL Full Form

The PPL full form is Pay Per Lead. It is a type of payment method for online marketing, that comes under the digital marketing category. Where the affiliate or agency has to pay for each lead generated, that can be considered as an affiliate agreement.

Pay Per Lead is one of the forms of Cost Per Action or Acquisition. This PPL advertising method will not be paid for any impression or clicks, it is just for sign up or leads generated, sales, subscription, or any other conversion. The amount will be predetermined for each month for the clients.

How Pay Per Lead Works?

Pay per lead is a performance-based marketing method that entirely depends on the mutual agreement for the per action payment of the service. Pay per lead can be considered in such methods also pay per call, pay per lead, or pay per sale (or any other model you can name) the amount has to be paid when the end action is done.

2) PPL in Computer:

The PPL full form in computer is Polymorphic Programming Language. Polymorphic Programming Language was developed in 1969 by Thomas A. Standish at Harvard University. This programming language is similar to the APL language.

3) PPL in Chemistry:

The PPL full form in chemistry is Plane polarized light.

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