What is PNR FULL FORM in English? | Easy PNR Status

In this post we are going to learn about the PNR full form and complete details like What is 10 digit PNR number, What is the meaning of PNR status, What is the full form of PNR, and more.

PNR Full Form: Passenger Name Record

PNR full form is Passenger Name Record. It records all the information about the journey of the person in the Database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). It used in airlines and railway systems for the safety of the passenger.

The first PNR status was introduced by the airline to getting details of the passenger while required for reducing the problem. It contains Name, age, address, phone number, gender, travelling destination, etc. If the tickets are booked online and offline then you see the PNR number on the top position.

PNR code including personal details will be sent through SMS about your flight. In SMS consist of train number, name of the passenger, time, class, boarding station, coach position, STD code, schedule and Quota. Different websites are available where you will get the PNR status. PNR number is confirmed then we will get the seat number on the train.

Requirement of PNR for successfully booking.

There are five steps for PNR booking successfully.

  1. Name of the passenger or passengers.
  2. Contact details like railways / flight / travel agency etc.
  3. Complete details about the passenger (if there is more than one passenger only one passenger complete detail required).
  4. Ticket details like source, the destination of the journey, train or airline name, Name of the passenger, age, gender.
  5. Name of the person providing a ticket.

PNR Number in India railway.

On the Indian railway, if you book the train ticket, on that ticket there is a 10 digits number, that number is called the PNR number. with help of this number, you can check the current status of the train and also the reservation of the train is confirmed or waiting.

PNR status made it simple to both the passenger and railway management.

How to check PNR status in Indian Railways?

Online Mode:

Step 1: Go to the official website of India Railway.

Step 2: Enter the PNR number to get the current status.

Step 3: You will get the detail like departure time, train number, and berth status.

Offline Mode:

In case of no internet access deal 139 from your mobile to get PNR details.

PNR Abbreviation:

Passenger’s name recordTransportation
Partido Nacional RevolucionarioInternational & Mexican
Passenger Name ReservationsGovernment & Transportation
Pacific Northwest RegionUnclassified
Percentage of Net RevenueUnclassified

FAQs Related to PNR Full Form:

What is 10 digits number of PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10 digits number that gives information about passengers and details of train status. Which is present on the ticket.

What does PNR status?

PNR is a number that gives information about the train, what is the current status of the train, and to check reservation is confirmed or not. The PNR number is present on the upper right side corner of the ticket.

Is every PNR number is different?

Yes, every PNR number is different because the first three numbers indicate the (PRS) passenger reservation system. The other seven number is generated by the system for making it unique.

How can I get flight PNR number?

On your flight ticket, your PNR is that the first six alphanumeric characters printed toward right side as shown within the illustration below.

What is IRCTC full form?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

How to do PNR enquiry?

Go to the official website of India Railway. Enter the PNR number to get the current status. You will get the detail like departure time, train number, and berth status.

RAC full form in railway?

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). It is a technically train ticket with confirmed seat but wait listed berth.

Conclusion of PNR Full Form:

We hope you guys understand the PNR full form and other concepts related to PNR.


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