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PID Full Form:

The PID full form in medical is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It is an infection of a woman reproductive organ. Which is usually caused by a sexually transmitted infection. Symptoms of causing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are stomach, lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge.

Most people generally get Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to unprotected sex, however, 15% of these infections are usually not sexually transmitted. Sex may many bacteria enter the reproductive system of a woman body, where they can infect the organs

\There is a change of damaging the reproductive system due to PID, including the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It is painful and become difficult for becoming pregnant and also lead to pocket infections in the pelvis, which is called tubovarian abscess.

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PID Abbreviation:

PID Full FormCategory
personal identification deviceGovernment
persistant identifierGovernment
Positive IdentificationMilitary and Defence
Nassau Paradise Island, BahamasRegional Airport Code
Parameter Identication DataPhysics Related
Packet Identifier DigitalComputer Hardware
Planned Industrial DistrictCommunity
NassauAirport Code
Product IdentifierComputer Driver
Process Identification DocumentBusiness
Personal Identification NumberLaw
Profound Intellectual DisabilityEducation
Physical Interface DeviceHardware
Project Initiation DocumentPolice
Principal Ideal DomainMathematics
Process IDentifierComputer Software
PIPARDIIndian Railway Station
Plant Industries DivisionBusiness Firm
Prolapsed Intervertebral DiscPhysiology
Personal Injury DefenseLaw
Prime Item DevelopmentBusiness
Protocol IDComputer and Networking
Payload Insertion DeviceSpace Science
procurement identification descriptionGovernment
proportional integral deviationGovernment
Personal Identity DigitComputer Security
Photo Ionization DetectorChemistry
Product IdentityStock Exchange
Program Information DocumentSpace Science
proportional, integral, and differentialGovernment
Product Installation DiagramBusiness Product
program identifierGovernment
Process Id File (unix)File Type
Poor Innocent DragonScience Fiction
Partido Institucional DemocráticoGuatemalan
Plastics Information DirectPlasctic
Process Innovation DeploymentBusiness
Photoionization DetectorPhysics Related
Parameter IdentificationSpace Science
procurement item descriptionGovernment
Ports Is DeficientFunny
Past International DirectorToastmaster
Plan Identification NumberMilitary
Program Integration DirectorateBusiness
program introduction document, 13Government
passive identification deviceGovernment
position identifierGovernment
Process IDInformation Technology
Proportional-Integral-DerivativeInformation Technology
process identification numberGovernment
Proprietary Information DisclosureLaw
Painted Internal DiameterBusiness Product
Proportional Integral DerivativeMathematics