PEM Full Form

PEM Full Form | Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Meaning Definition

PEM Full Form:

The PEM full form is Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring | Positron Emission Mammography | Parasitic Encephalitic Meningitis | Protein Energy Malnutrition

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What does PEM mean?

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2) PEM: Project Engineering Manager.

The Project Engineering Manager is the title of the job. The person has to deal with different work simultaneously and manage the team efficiency. The manager has to manage the teamwork and their productivity, delivering the project at an expert time with creative ideas.


  • Coordinate with internal/ external resource and third parties vendor for executive project.
  • Ensure the project and deliver the project on time.
  • Develop the scope of project, objective, creative idea for clients satisfaction.

DSP full form

Other PEM Full Form:

Program Element MonitorMilitary
Properties, Events, MethodsSoftwares
Penn Engineering And ManufacturingBusiness Firm
Photo Elastic ModulatorElectronics
Project Engineering ManagerJob Title
Plesk Enterprise ManagerComputer Software
Proton Exchange MembraneHardware
Policlínica de Especialidades MédicasMedical
Physical Electronic MailComputing
Puerto Maldonado, PeruRegional Airport Code
Programme Extra MuralMedical
Padre Aldamiz airportRegional Airport Code
Plastic Encapsulated MicrocircuitElectronics
Parasitic Encephalitic MeningitisPhysiology
Professional Event ManagementJob Title
Precision Engineered ModelsBusiness Firm
Polymer Electrolyte MembraneChemistry
privacy-enhanced mailGovernment
Puerto MaldonadoAirport Code
Plant Engineering and MaintenanceSpace Science
Program Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)File Extension
Photo-elastic ModulatorElectronics
PERALAM JNIndian Railway Station
Privacy Enhanced MailComputing
Pareto Equilibrium ModelMaths
Project Engineering ManagementMinistry of Heavy Industries
production engineering measureGovernment