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PDA Full Form in English| Top 6 Features of PDA

In this post, we are going to learn about the PDA full form and complete information, for instance, What is PDA in a relationship, What is the full form of PDA in love, What does PDA computer stand for, what are the examples of PDA and more information about PDA. LET START!

PDA Full Form:

The PDA full form is a Personal Digital Assistant. It is a mobile device without a keyword. But with the help of a pen-like style do the typing on the PDA. 

A personal digital assistant that provides computing, data storage, retrieval capabilities for personal and business purposes for instance: regularly for managing schedules programs, calendars, and address book information (information at one place and easy to carry).

In between the 1990s to 2000s, The PDA has an electronically sensitive pad for writing easily. Most of the PDAs had a small keyboard. The earlier usage for a private digital assistant involved some concepts for instance scheduling, address book storage, retrieval, and note-entering. The various sorts of applications were recorded for PDAs.

PDA is also known as a palmtop. It has a feature like notes, graphs, connect to the internet. Handholds computer. 

  • A preinstalled operating system like palm OS, WebOS.
  • Navigation: PDA has a built-in GPS.
  • Wireless connectivity: PDA has Bluetooth and wifi, which are wireless connectivity. 
  • Wired connectivity: USB cable can be connected. Earlier PDA did not have the option to connect USB.
  • Memory card: now in some PDA has memory slot but earlier did not have the slot and USB option. 
  • Touch screen: the touch screen is best because it can be used with a pen-like stylus. 

PDA Abbreviation:

Full FormCategories
Patent Ductus Arteriosus Medical
Potato Dextrose AgarBiology
Photo Diode Array Science & Electronic
Public Display of AffectionFashion & lifestyle
Petron-Driven AcquisitionUniversities & institutions
Posterior Descending Artery Medical (Anatomy)
Pathological Demand AvoidanceMedical & psychology
PushDown Automaton General computing
Parenteral Drug AssociationAssociation Organisation Trade organisation
Pharmacists Defence Association Medical Organisation
Pinoy Drama Academy  News & Entertainment
Population and Community Development Association Reginal Organisation
Progressive Democrats of AmericaGovernment politics
Pokret Demokratske Akcije Government politics
Pitch Detection AlgorithmTechnology science
Progressive Democratic Alliance Government politics
Peruvian Debate AssociationEducation Organisation

PDA Full Form in Medical:

PDA full form in medical is Patent ductus arteriosus. PDA IS a persistent opening between the two vital blood vessels coming from the heart. The opening (ductus arteriosus) is a standard part of a baby’s circulatory system within the womb that sometimes connects shortly after birth. If it remains open, then This concept is called a patent blood vessel.

A small patent vessel often doesn’t cause problems and might never need treatment. However, an outsized patent vessel left untreated can allow poorly oxygenated blood to flow within the wrong direction, weakening the centre muscle and causing heart failure and other complications.

The treatment choice includes medications, monitoring, closure by cardiac catheterization or surgery. These are the treatment that patients can take.

FAQs Related to PDA Full Form:

What is the full form of PDA in Social media?

The full form of PDA in social media is the Public Display of Affection.
Well, India has always been a rustic of great values, morals and tradition. India may be a modern country but when it narrows right down to PDA, most Indians don’t seem to be very happy about the thought. India may be a developing country, it’s gradually adopting the western lifestyle but when it involves PDA, they prefer to protest against it whenever possible.

There was a piece of writing which I read once and it said ‘25 things which truly makes us Indians’ and out of those 25 points, there was one point that said ‘ We great citizens will piss publicly but not kiss. That’s against our Indian ethics. Our future generations are going to be born spastic if we enjoy PDA.” a bit like we love our food with a touch of Indian spice, similarly, we also want the Indianised Western culture to be followed within the country.

What are the characteristics and features of a Personal Digital Assistant?

·       Web camera and speaker  
·       The touch screen and keyword
·       Memory expansion
·       Internet connection
·       Global positioning system

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Personal Digital Assistant?

Touch screen
Low price
Good organizer
Runs on Batteries
It’s hard to upgrade the PDA
It’s hard to repair it
Small display
Not so powerful

Conclusion of PDA full form:

We hope you guys understood the full form of PDA and also other concepts related to PDA. If this information helpful to you then reply in the comment box.