OPD Full Form in English | List of 10 Departments in OPD

OPD Full Form: Outpatient Department

OPD long Form is the Outpatient Department. In the name itself, the meaning is present. The patient is coming for the first time to admit to the hospital due to some health issues. The contact between patient and hospital staff.

The patient has to go to the OPD department to complete the formalities for the first time to the hospital.

Out-Patient Department:

Generally in all hospitals, the OPD department is constructed on the ground floor. The OPD department consists of a different department like

  • Orthopedics department
  • Neurology department
  • general medicine department
  • clinical lab
  • pharmacy
  • Uro surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology internal medicine

 The patient has to go OPD department first then OPD member or doctor will decides that where the patient has to go and which department. 

Difference between outpatient and inpatient:

Outpatient means: the outpatient is the patient who has not admitted to the hospital that patients come for a checkup. These patients visit the hospital for the clinic to check up his/her health and treatment.

Inpatient means: the inpatient is the patient who is come for hospitalized for treatment for overnight or several days or weeks.

Different full form of OPD:

  • Optical Path Difference
  • Once Per Day
  • Over Pressure Device
  • Office of Public Defense
  • Overfilling Protection Device
  • Original Pack Dispensing
  • Ocean Physic Department

Why OPD is important in the hospital?

An outpatient department considers as the highest essential department. Because thirty to thirty-five percent of hospital revenue generate from the OPD department.

One more reason is firstly the patient has to go to OPD for a check-up to now weather the patient has to be hospitalized or not. Fifty percent of the hospital revenue generate from inpatient.

OPD reflects the popularity of the hospital. When the patient visits the hospital for the first time, the hospital gets the impression if they did good treatment with the patient. 

FAQs Related to OPD Full Form:

What is the meaning of OPD in hospital?

In every hospital, OPD was constructed on the ground floor for outpatient treatment. It is one of the parts of the hospital.

What are the types of services in the Outpatient department?

They are four types of service in OPD
Consultant chamber
Examination room

How much revenue generated from the OPD?

More than 30 – 35% of hospital revenue is generated from the OPD department and 50% generated from the inpatient department.

Conclusion of OPD full form:

We hope you guys understand the OPD full form and other concepts related to OPD. we are trying our best to get the required information, if this information is good the let us know in the comment section.

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