NSC Full Form

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NSC Full Form

The NSC full form is National Saving Certificate. National Saving Certificate is a fixed income investment scheme that can be open in any post office branch near you. The Government of India initiative this scheme.

The NSC is like Public Provident Fund (PPF) and Post Office PDs. This scheme has a low risk of income investment product. You can easily buy this from the nearest post office in your name. NSC scheme is for five years (fixed maturity period).

There is no limit to the purchase of NSC’s but only investments of over toRs.1.5 lakh can earn you a tax break under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The instruments earn a fixed interest, which is presently at a rate of6.8 per annum. The interest rate is recast on a regular basis by the government.

Anyone looking for a safe investment avenue to earn a steady interest while saving on levies can choose to invest in NSC. National Saving Certificate offers guaranteed interest and complete capital protection. Still, like utmost fixed income schemes, they can not deliver affectation- beating returns like duty- saving collective finances and the National Pension System. The government has made NSC fluently accessible for prospective investors by making it available in post office branches spread across the country.

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NSC Abbreviation:

NSC Full FormCategoryTerm
National Safety CouncilIndian Ministry of Labour and EmploymentNSC
Non-Standard Facilities CommandComputer and NetworkingNSC
Network Service CenterTelecommunicationNSC
Network Systems CorporationNetworkingNSC
National Savings CertificateBankingNSC
National Student Council (icaew)Accounts and FinanceNSC
Nevada State CollegeEducational InstituteNSC
National Securities CommissionStock ExchangeNSC
Nanaimo Skating ClubSportsNSC
National Sports CenterSportsNSC
National Ski CouncilSportsNSC
National Security CouncilMilitary and DefenceNSC
National Simulations CenterMilitary and DefenceNSC
Naval Supply CorpsMilitary and DefenceNSC
Nato Shipping CentreMilitary and Defence