NRI Full Form | What is Non-Banking Indian?

The NRI full form is Non-Resident Indian. NRI is a person who is Indian citizen but migrate due to some reason like work, education, residence or any other reason. The Indian staff of UNO deputed abroad by state or central government are treated as NRI.

A person who stay more than 182 days away from India is known as NRI.  

Categories of NRI:

There are three main categories of NRI that are given below:

  1. Indian citizens who stay abroad due to different reasons like vocation, education, residence, to carry a business etc.
  2. Indian citizens work in foreign government agencies like IMF (International Monetary Funds), United National Organization (UNO), World Bank, etc.
  3. People working in abroad for officials of Central or State Government and Public Sector.

Main Reason for Becoming the NRI.

  1. Higher education outside India.
  2. Medical reason
  3. Travels, tour, and vocation.
  4. Job and employment.
  5. Training
  6. For business purpose

Abbreviation of NRI Full Form:

Full FormCategoryTerm
Non-Resident IndianCountries travelNRI
Nationwide Rivers InventoryScience & academicNRI
Net Radio InterfaceGovernmentalNRI
Nebkota Railway IncorporatedRailway roadNRI
Nielsen Radio IndexCommunityNRI
Nerve Root IrritationMedicalNRI
Nessus Results InterfaceMiscellaneousNRI
National Robotics InitiativeScience & RoboticsNRI
Non-Returning IndiansMiscellaneousNRI
Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitorsMiscellaneousNRI
National Research InitiativeScienceNRI
Nature Reviews ImmunologyMiscellaneousNRI
Nanoelectronics Research InitiativeScienceNRI
Neuroscience Research InstituteMedicalNRI
Not Required IndianMiscellaneousNRI


What is the full meaning of NRI? 

A person who stays more than 182 days away from India is known as NRI.
NRI is a person who is an Indian citizen but migrates due to some reason like work, education, residence, or any other reason.

How many NRIs are there in India?

There are 32 million NRIs in India.

Which country has more NRI?

1. Saudi Arabia
2. Malaysia
3. United Arab Emirates
4.  United Kingdom
5.  South Africa
6.  Canada
7.  Myanmar

Conclusion of NRI Full Form:

We hope you guys understood the NRI full form and also other concepts related to NRI.

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