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In this post you will get the NGO full form and complete details about the NGOs like Indian most popular NGOs, international NGOs, how do NGOs work, and more about NGOs.


NGO full form is a Non-government organization. It is an organization that neither a part of a government nor a profitable business. It is created to solve the problems of poor people, senior citizens, children, the environment, etc.

Indian most popular NGOs:

  • Smile foundation
  • Akshaya truth
  • Pratham
  • Goonj
  • Samman foundation
  • Deepalaya
  • Uday foundation
  • HelpAge India
  • Sargam Sanstha
  • Karmayog

If profit is generated from the NGO then the profit is reinvested into NGO. There are some NGO that depends on the donation. they are many people donate the money in the NGO like celebrities, businessman, etc.

It can be founded by states and central government of India, business, foundations etc.

International NGOs:

Cure violence: this NGO is special for to stop spreading of violence and conflict between two community peoples.

Care: this NGO is one of the oldest and leading from 1945. This NGO to maintain and improve social justice, poor people, education, etc.

Partners in health: this NGO is tried to show that health is every one right.

Mercy crops: this NGO is made in 1971. This NGO is helping those people who get effect due to natural disasters by providing food, shelter, medical help, dress, etc.

BRAC:  Another famous NGO is BRAC. This NGO helps to uplift poor people and give opportunities to get settle in their life.

 Government policy:

The NGOs have to work under the terms and conditions of the voluntary organizations (VOs). They follow these term and condition like

  1. NGOs are private (separate from the government).
  2. They don’t return profit from NGOs to owners or founders.
  3. Vos is self-government, must be controlled by the government.

They are registered organization or informal group

FAQs Related to NGO Full Form:

How does NGOs work?

NGOs not limited to environment, social rights, human rights work. They are some NGOs that depend on the donation. There are some NGOs they help poor people by giving dress, food, medical help, dress, and shelter, and some NGOs are helpful to people who are affected natural disaster like a flood.

How many NGOs are work in India?

They are more than 31 lakhs NGOs are working in India on different issues like a human right, social right, disaster management, senior citizens, etc.

Which NGO is oldest in India?

The Bengal home industry founded in the year 191. It is oldest NGO in India. Hundred years is completed.

Conclusion of NGO Full Form:

I hope you people have understood the NGO full form and other things related to NGOs. If this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.

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