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NEFT Full Form:

NEFT full form or meaning is National Electronic Fund TransferThis service is used to transfer money from one account to another this transaction is done with the help of an Electronic fund transfer. It is an online system for transferring funds from one account to another in another bank.

Full Form of NEFT in Banking:

NEFT Full Form

This system was introduced in 2005 by the Reserve Bank of India and made mandatory for all the banks on SEFT (Special Economic Funds Transfer system) to migrate to the NEFT system.

NEFT operates on Deferred Net Settlement. Transfer of Fund Transactions is processed in batches rather than continuous individual settlements, which happens in RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

NEFT works based on Public Key Infrastructure to make safe and secure and the Indian Financial Network (INFINET) connect all branches to each other and also electric fund transfer.

How does NEFT works?

All banking methods are depending on the development of information technology and communication, as technology increases then the banking system becomes more highly secure and safe. In electronic fund transfer, money can transfer easily in a matter of moment. The money is detected from one account and credited to another account. This system helps to save time and no physical effort to visit brank.

They are two systems are working in India: NEFT and RTGS by the Reserve bank of India.

Importance of NEFT:

  • The process entirely depends on electronic fund transfer against physical fund transfer, which takes time and far more effort.
  • Processing charges in NEFT transactions are very less.
  • NEFT method is very dependable for creating payments or receiving funds online since banks need to follow RBI norms.
  • Time-saving: Unlike other payment methods, NEFT helps in quick settlements in accounts, which helps in efficiency for people also as for several businesses.

How to register or How to do NEFT transfer?

NEFT Full Form

The most important thing to use the NEFT, you have to activate the internet banking in your account. Individual or business has to fulfil the following details in the form.

  • Account name: individual or business that should be linked with the bank account.
  • Bank name
  • Branch name
  • IFSC (Indian Finance System Code)
  • Bank type
  • Account Number of beneficiary


  • The authorizes bank branch debits the needed amount from his account and credit it to the beneficiary’s account.
  • The message is distributed to the pooling centre (NEFT Service Centre) from the bank of remitter.
  • The message is forwarded by the pooling centre to the NEFT Clearing Centre (maintained by National Clearing Cell, RBI) to create the transfer available within the next batch.
  • The message is shipped to banks involved during this transaction from the pooling centre.
  • A beneficiary bank receives the quantity and credits it to a beneficiary account.
  • An alternate method is out there for people or businesses who don’t have an account with the bank through cash deposits within the bank and filling a form for NEFT transactions.
  • To avoid cases of cash laundering, it’s important for banks to validate beneficiaries.

NEFT Timing;

The transaction timing from Monday to Thursday is 8 AM to 7: 30 PM. From Friday to Saturday 8 AM to 1 PM. On Sunday the NEFT transaction did not transfer. Works on the business working dates.

NEFT full form

NEFT Charges:

Transfer AmountCharges
₹ 1 to ₹10,000Should Not Be Above ₹2.50 + GST
Above ₹10,000 to ₹1,00,000Should Not Be Above ₹5 + GST
Above ₹1,00,000 and up to ₹2,00,000Should Not Be Above ₹15 + GST
Above ₹2,00,000Should Not Be Above ₹25 + GST

Difference between NEFT and IMPS:

IMPS full formNEFT full form
Immediate Payment ServiceNational Electronic Funds Transfer
It is an instant transfer of money from the bank using a smartphoneIt is electronic funds transfer system nationwide from the bank.
It works 24*7 in a complete yearIt works only from Monday to Saturday excepts 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday and also holidays.
No limit for minimum and max is 2 lakhsNo minimum and maximum limit
Multiple transactions are allowed per dayOnly 12 settlements are allowed per day
It is a quick transactionSlow compare to IMPS
It is mobile bankingIt is an electronic banking
Fee charges are different from bank to bankFixed charges for all transactions by the bank.

FAQs related to the NEFT full form in banking:

What is the IMPS Full form?

The IMPS full form is Immediate Payment Service. It is the instant transfer of money from the bank using a smartphone.

What Is NEFT full form?

The full form of NEFT is National Electronic Funds Transfer.

What is NEFT payment method?

It is the type of payment method for transfer the fund from one account to another with help of electronic fund transfer.

Conclusion of NEFT full form:

The development of Technology Information is the main factor in the development of the banking system. Hope you guys understood the NEFT full form and also related to the full form of NEFT and more.

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