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In this post, you will find the NCC full form and also other concepts related to the NCC like Definition, NCC flag, core value, brief history, etc.

The NCC full form is National Cadet Corps. NCC is a military cadet corps of India which provides basic military training to the student who is selected in the camps and also to the college student. It covers the Army, Navy, and air force. The aim is to grooms students into discipline and patriotic citizens. The national cadge corps is the youth wing of the Armed Force.

The headquarter are present in Delhi. The directorates are present in a different state of the country.

The general director of the National Cadge Corps is Lt Gen Vinod Vashisht. NCC National song is “Ham Sabh Bhartiya Hain”. The song was written by Sudarshan Fakir. 

NCC Flag:

In the year 1954, the NCC flag was introduced. The Flag has three colours that are red, dark blue, and light blue. These colours are express the meaning of the army, red represents the army, dark blue represents the Navy and light blue represent the air force. The three-letter NCC is encircled by a garland of lotus. 

Core value: 

Which are given below: 

  • Respect the diversity of religion, languages, and culture in the country.
  • NCC gives the training to the student to become part of the community development and social programs. 
  • Healthy life free from unhealthy practice and drug abuse. 
  • Respect the Indian constitution and national development of India.
  • NCC made students to honesty, truthfulness, self-sacrifice, and hard work.
  • Respect the knowledge, ideas, and wisdom. 
  • Sensitive towards poor and social things.

Brief History of NCC full form:

This type of training of the Army was first started in the year 1666 in Germany. In the 1940s, Pandit Hradaya Nath Kunjru was suggested to make cadge organizations in the schools and colleges.

The National cadge corps Act accepts by the government on July 15, 1948. In 1948 girl division was started for providing equal opportunities to boys and as well as girls. The air wing was added in NCC in 1950 and the Naval wing was added in 1952 in NCC.  You can go to the official website for the history of NCC.

Uniform of NCC:

Army cadge wears a KHAKI uniform and Naval cadge wears a white uniform of Army. The air force wears a light blue-grey uniform. SD boys from the cadge of the army wing wear khaki full sleeves and trousers. JD boys wear white half sleeves and white shorts. 

Girls from Naval wing SW and JW wear white half sleeve shirts and trousers. Both SD boys(Airwing) and JD cadge wear the same dress that is a white-blue half sleeve shirt and trousers. 


What is the NCC and NSS in detail? 

The full form of NCC is National Cadge corps. it is the youth wing of the Armed force. NSS full form is a national sport scheme. It is a central sector scheme from the government of India.

Is there any exam for NCC?

Yes, there is an exam for NCC and also have an age range for C certificate is 19-25. the candidate has to pass the UPSC exam.

A girl can join the NCC?

Yes, girl can join the NCC but the girl has to take the admission in NCC in graduation. it’s not difficult to join.

Conclusion of NCC FULL FORM.

We hope you guys understood the NCC full form and also other concepts related to NCC. This information is helpful to those students who are interested to join in NCC. If this information looks informative then let us know in the comment section.

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