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NC Full Form in English:

The NC full form is Normally Closed. Normally Closed( NC) and Normally Open (NO) describe the state, or position, of connections in a spring-loaded switch ( forces other than springs can be used, but spring-loaded switches are by far the most common). Switch connections can be open or unrestricted. Unrestricted connections can conduct current through the switch, while open connections can not conduct current. A spring-loaded switch uses spring force to hold the connections in one position or the other. The switch can have multiple sets of connections, so some connections can be NC, while others are NO on the same switch.

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Abbreviation Full Form of NC:

NC Full FormCategoryTerm
Network CodesComputer and NetworkingNC
New CaledoniaCountry NamesNC
Next CallTelecommunicationNC
Network ChannelTelecommunicationNC
No ConnectionTelecommunicationNC
Naming ContextNetworkingNC
Neill ConcelmanNetworkingNC
Not CompatibleNetworkingNC
Node ControllerNetworkingNC
No ConnectNetworkingNC
Network ControlNetworkingNC
Network ComputingNetworkingNC
Unidata Netcdf Graphics FileFile TypeNC
Cams Instructions for Numerical Control MachineFile TypeNC
Geos Non-error-checking Pre-processed Goc Source Code FileFile TypeNC
Nitro CelluloseChemistryNC
Not CountedChemistryNC
Nickel CadmiumChemistryNC
Neutral CurrentElectronicsNC
No ConductorElectronicsNC
Normally ClosedElectronicsNC
Numerical ControlElectronicsNC
Noise CancellingElectronicsNC
No Comment!MessagingNC
No CashAccounts and FinanceNC
Non-complianceAccounts and FinanceNC
Not CheapAccounts and FinanceNC
No CreditAccounts and FinanceNC
Non CollectibleAccounts and FinanceNC
National CoarseSpace ScienceNC
No ChangeSpace ScienceNC
No CommentSpace ScienceNC
Noise CriteriaSpace ScienceNC
Normal Corrective ManeuverSpace ScienceNC
North CentralCountry SpecificNC
Northern CapeCountry SpecificNC
No CarryComputer Assembly LanguageNC
New ClockComputer Assembly LanguageNC
Native CompiledComputer Assembly LanguageNC
No ClobberDatabase ManagementNC
No ColumnDatabase ManagementNC
Noise CancellationComputer HardwareNC
Natural CasingComputer HardwareNC
Not ConnectedComputer HardwareNC
Network ComputerComputer HardwareNC
Non-chargeableComputer HardwareNC
Numerical CalculationMathsNC
Not ConvergedMathsNC
No ConvergenceMathsNC
No CorrelationMathsNC
Not CalculableMathsNC
Newcomb CollegeEducational InstituteNC
New CoherencePhysics RelatedNC
Non-conservativePhysics RelatedNC
No CouponStock ExchangeNC
Nordic CombinedSportsNC
Not CompeteSportsNC
Non CompetitiveSportsNC
Not CommencedMilitary and DefenceNC
Nodal ControllerMilitary and DefenceNC
Node CenterMilitary and DefenceNC
Non-CompensatableMilitary and DefenceNC
Net-CentricMilitary and DefenceNC
No ContactMilitary and DefenceNC
Nurse CorpsMilitary and DefenceNC


The NC full form is Normally Closed. Normally Closed( NC) and Normally Open (NO) describe the state, or position, of connections in a spring-loaded switch.