MNP Full Form

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MNP Full Form

The MNP full form is Mobile Number Portability. It is a process or method that enables mobile telephone customers to retain their mobile telephone numbers when migrating from one mobile network operator to another.

The Microcom Networking Protocol (MNP) is a type of error-correcting protocol generally used on early high-speed (2400 bit/ s and advanced) modems. It was initially developed for use on Microcom’s own family of modems, the protocol was latterly openly certified and used by the utmost of the modem industry.

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MNP Abbreviation:

Full FormCategoryTerm
Northern Mariana IslandsCountry ISO CodeMNP
Mobile Number PortabilityTelecommunicationMNP
Microcom Networking ProtocolNetworkingMNP
MANANPURIndian Railway StationMNP
MaronAirport CodeMNP
Multi-nomial Probit ModelMathsMNP
Master Navigation PlanMilitary and DefenceMNP