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LED Full Form in English | Top 10 Advantages of LED

In this post we are going to learn about the LED full form and complete information like What is the full name of LCD and LED, What is the full form of CFL and LCD, What is the English meaning of LED, Advantages and Disadvantages of LED, History of LED and more.

LED FULL FORM: Light Emitting Diode.

The LED full form is Light Emitting Diode. LED is a two-lead semiconductors light sources. Light Emitting Diode is a PN-junction diodes that emits light when it open. LED is made by merging P and N-type semiconductor material.

It is a necessary electronic device because it consumes less electricity compared to others due to that most people use LED light nowadays. LED technology becomes advanced, less expensive and more efficient. Today Light Emitting Diode used in electronic and electrical devices.

LED is mostly used in electronic test equipment like TV, calculator, refrigerator, vehicles, watches, etc.

How LED works? 

When the stable voltage is passed through it, the electrons recombine with electrons holes and release the energy in the form of photons. This effect is known as electroluminescence.  The symbol of LED is different (anode side positive and cathode side negative).

LED light color is determined by the energy bandgap of the semiconductor. 

LED light lamps are very energy efficient, economical, and long-lasting. If we compared to other bulbs it safe almost 80% energy.

History LED full form:

  • The phenomenon was discovered in 1907 by the British experimenter H.J Round of Maronic Labs with the help of a crystal of silicon carbide. 
  • First LED was invented in the year 1927 by the Russian inventor Oley Losev. 
  • The first Blue-Violet LED was made at Stanford University in the year 1972 by Herb Maruska and Wally Rhines. 

Advantages of LED:

1) Energy Efficient nature:

  • LED required less energy compared to other lights.
  • light Emitting Diode does not produce heat.
  • It does not produce buzzing and flickering.

2) Environment Friendly:

  • Light Emitting Diode is not toxic. LED does not contain mercury, lead, or calcium.

3) long life:

  • LED work can be work for a long time with fewer maintenance costs.

4) Maintenance and Safety:

  • It needs very little maintenance costs. 

5) Recyclable:

  • It is very easy to recycle. 

6) Color:

  • LEDs can emit different light colors without any color filter. 

7) Cool light

8) Slow failure 

9) Shock resistance 

10) Small size

Disadvantages of LED:

  1. Temperature dependence
  2. Voltage sensitivity
  3. Color rendition
  4. Area light source
  5. Light pollution
  6. Use in water conditions
  7. LED requires less power

Uses of LED lighting:

Nowadays LED used in every place. Some of the examples are given below.

  • Tv backlighting
  • Smartphone backlighting
  • Led display
  • Automotive lighting
  • Dimming light
  • LED wallpaper
  • Home lightning
  • Home decoration

Different types Colours of LED lights:

Commonly used and easily available colours of LED are red, green, blue, yellow, amber and white. The combination of red, blue and green colours are often easily combined to supply white light with limited brightness. The working voltage of red, green, amber and yellow colours is around 1.8 volts.

Other LED Full Form:

LED Full FormCategory
Pulkovo AirportAirport Codes
Live Electronic DanceCommunity
Low Energy DemandElectronics
Low Energy DetectorNASA
Lazer Enhanced DestructionGeneral
Lighted Electronic DisplayElectronics
Lawyers, Engineers, and DoctorsOccupation & Positions
Lamp Enhanced DisplayHospitals
Load, Encode, and DownloadNetworking
Look Examine and DoEducational
A Light Electrical DistributorElectronics
Laser Erasing DiscGeneral
Light Evacuated DeviceGeneral
A Luminance Emitting DiodeGeneral
Laptop Entry DiscGeneral Computing
Laser Equipped DiscGeneral
Local Economic DevelopmentDevelopment

FAQs Related to LED Full Form

What is the long-form of LCD and LED?

The full form of LCD is Light Crystal Display and the full form of LED is Light Emitting diode. But technically both LCD and LED are light crystal display.

What is the English meaning of the LED?

It means LEDs are versatile, energy-efficient, and durable.

How is the first inventor of the LED?

In the year 1927 Russian inventor Oley Losev has invented the LED.

Does LED work on AC or DC current?

led work only on DC current, because led need the current in one direction to work properly and led work only in forward bias.

What are the different types of LEDs?

·        Dimmer switches (it is available in dimmer switches similar to the bulb)
·        Color LED
·        LED tubes for lighting
·        SMD LED
·        COB LED
·        Traditional and Inorganic LEDs
·        Maximum Brightness LEDs
·        Graphene LEDs

Conclusion LED FULL FORM:

We hope you guys understood the full form of LED and. We have covered the topics LED full form, how LED works, advantages, disadvantages, and the history of LED. If this information helps you then let us know in the comment box. 

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