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KRA Full Form | Key Result Area or Key Responsibility Area

KRA full form:

The KRA full form is Key Result Area or Key Responsibility Area. The Key Results Area is a main department of the individual, company or organization. It describes the specific area of the outcome of the companies of the employees is responsible, that the reason it is also known as Key Responsibility Area.

 KRA department people made by the company to decide or judge the person quality and analysis him for the specific job assigned to him. This information helps the companies appraisal tool to show the overall performance of the individual. Every organization and company have a specified goal and try to set up the work so that improve efficiency.  

Identifying some of the KRAs:

  • It helps to list out the value-added decision.
  • It helps to decide clear goals and objectives of the company
  • It helps to manage the role and strategies to the people or employees.
  • It helps to identify the result, when to focus on particular work

Almost 70 to 80 per cent of the role of the individual or employees of the company are cover. Some of them are given below.

  • Marketing and Promotion of company.
  • Sales management
  • Information and technology management
  • Research and development department
  • Manufacturing department
  • Administration call
  • Finance department
  • Human resource and management development

The function of KRA:

  1. Schedule work of the employees and conduct interview for recruitment.
  2. Providing the action plan to the employees for growth.
  3. Providing the proper training to the new joining employees.
  4. Leave application process of the employees.

Methods of writing KRA

  • Figure out the exact what a employee good at and how they will contribute to the company, match the terms.
  • Observing all employees work and fulfil task during the job.
  • As they focused on job description through employees JD.

Abbreviation Of KRA Full Form:

KRA Full FormCategory
K. R. Anderson, Inc.Companies & Firms
Kansas Reading AssociationEducational
Kansas Republican AssemblyPolitics
Kaunas Regional ArchiveRegional
Kempsville Recreation AssociationCommunity
Ken Robinson AssociatesGeneral
Kenbrink Residents AssociationResidential
Kentucky Reading AssociationAssociations
Kentucky Restaurant AssociationRestaurants
Kenya Revenue AuthorityGovernmental
Kerang, Victoria, AustraliaAirport Codes
Key Recovery AllianceAlliances
Key Responsibility AccountabilityGeneral
Key Results ActivitiesMarketing
Kill the Reidys of AmericaFunnies
Killara Resources LimitedASX Symbols
Kindergarten Readiness AssessmentGeneral
Kirsten Reite ArchitectureArchitecture
Kogarah Residents’ AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
Korea Racing AuthorityRacing
KYC Registration Agency Miscellaneous
KRA full formCategories


The KRA full form is Key Resonpsibile Area or Key Result Area. It is a specified place like a department for deciding how to select new employees and identify the person quality of work and where he is assigned to which department.

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