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JK Full Form | Just Kidding or Joke or Joking | Abbreviation

JK Full Form:

The JK full form is Just Kidding. The condensation is used when the sender is stating that he/ she is just kidding and the receiver shouldn’t it take too seriously. This term isn’t used as a part of speech (like a verb, noun, etc.). It’s generally used as a standalone declarative judgment, the full meaning of which is”I’m just kidding.”

This term covers a wider perspective as it could be used sarcastically as well as to end an instigative statement to render it void. As a matter of fact, it’s pronounced using its individual letters ( i.e., Jay Kay), since it’s harder to use the term” just kidding, “it isn’t spoken using its letters. In other words, the condensation JK is for effectiveness in jotting and not effectiveness in speech.

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Abbreviation of JK:

Jammu and KashmirIndian State
Just kidding, or jokeInternet Slang
JAKOLARIIndian Railway Station
Jiminy KricketMessaging
Just Kidding!Messaging
Juz KiddinMessaging
Jillion KaratMeasurement Unit