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IMC Full Form:

The IMC full form is Integrated Marketing Communication. It is a direct selling company in India. It is also called as IMC Business. IMC is a process of planning, execution and making relationships with the customer.

The IMC ka full form in different categories such as  Independent Media Center | Indus Motor Company | Information Management Consultants | Information Manufacturing Corporation | Institutional Mortgage Capital | International Maintenance Centre | Invention Machine Corporation | Irish Multiplex Cinemas | Its My Company | Information Management and Collaboration | Instructional Media Center | Integrated Marketing Communication | International Multifoods Corporation | Impress | Injection Mold Code.

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IMC Abbreviation:

Full FormCategoryTerm
Indore Municipal CorporationMadhya Pradesh GovernmentIMC
Internet Mail ConsortiumComputer and NetworkingIMC
Integrated Medical CoursesEducational DegreeIMC
International Marketing CommunicationsEducational DegreeIMC
Intermediate Metal ConduitTelecommunicationIMC
I Might CareMessagingIMC
Illusionary Minds ChatMessagingIMC
It’s My CompanyMessagingIMC
Institute of Management ConsultancyAccounts and FinanceIMC
Investment Management CertificateAccounts and FinanceIMC
Image Motion CompensationSpace ScienceIMC
Impress, Motivate, ConnectJob TitleIMC
Integrated Magnetic ConcentratorPhysics RelatedIMC
Institute of Management ConsultantsBusiness ManagementIMC
Integrality Management ConsultingBusiness ManagementIMC
International Management CenterBusiness ManagementIMC
Idealx Management ConsoleBusiness ManagementIMC
International Multi-cacheSportsIMC
Indy Media CenterSportsIMC
Industrial Military ComplexMilitary and DefenceIMC
Inter Mud CommunicationMilitary and DefenceIMC
International Mercenary CommandosMilitary and DefenceIMC
Instrument Meteorological ConditionsMilitary and DefenceIMC