What is ICSE Full Form? | Best 5 Fantastic Benefits of ICSE

In this, you will find ICSE full form, syllabus of ICSE, comparison between CBSE and ICSE, which is better, student freedom to select the subject which they like, Can ICSE students crack NEET, Which is better CBSE or ICSE board, Is ICSE international board, Is ICSE international board, How is ICSE marks calculated, and more details about ICSE full form.

ICSE full form:

ICSE full form is the Indian Certificates Secondary Examination. It is a private, non-governmental board of secondary India in class 10th. India certificates secondary examination conducts exams every year by the council of Indian School Certificate Examination and it is an English medium. ICSE board provide examinations to the students.

It is the name of the exam, thousand of students give the exam every year. It is an offline mode exam for class 10th. The language of the examination is English. Exam conducted for the regular students of class 10th from CISCE Affiliated schools.

Subject in ICSE:

The subjects offered by ICSE is divided into three groups.

Group 1.

   Compulsory subjects
Indian languages


Group 2.

Students can select any two subjects from the following subjects.
Environmental scienceAgriculture science
Computer scienceCommercial studies
Technical drawingEconomics
A modern foreign languageA classical language

Group 3.

Students have the choice to select any one subject from the below subjects 
Computer applicationEconomics application
Commercial applicationHome science
ArtPerforming arts
CookeryFashion designing
Physics educationYoga
Technical drawing application 

The above Group 3 subjects are practical subjects, students have to perform the exam because students have to improve their knowledge. Students can focus on different goals like music, sports, the medical field, games, and more.

BENEFITS (Advantages) OF ICSE:

  • In ICSE giving importance to all the subjects
  • Focus on overall growth.
  • Subjects selection (student can focus on interesting subjects).
  • In ICSE syllabus well-structured and compressive.
  • Focus on student skills to improve more.

official website of ICSE

Comparison between CBSE and ICSE.

1.CBSE is famous and more schools follow the CBSE patternICSE is new compare to CBSE so less school follows ICSE pattern
2.CBSE syllabus is small and compactICSE syllabus is vast and lengthy
3.CBSE has more scholarship and talent search examination.It has fever scholarship and talent search examination
4.CBSE is older than ICSEICSE is new

FAQs Related to ICSE Full Form:

Which is better CBSE or ICSE board?

CBSE recognize by the Indian government but ICSE is not. The pattern of both the syllabus is good and focusing on student skills. CBSE is older than the ICSE. Both studies are good.

Is Hindi language compulsory in CBSE?

Yes, Hindi is compulsory. The syllabus pattern of group one (given above) has mentioned that Indian languages are compulsory.

 Can ICSE student crack NEET?

Yes, ICSE students can crack NEET entrance. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) syllabus students are cracking NEET then ICSE students can also crack the NEET exam, the major difference between ICSE and CBSE is syllabus and admission procedure.

Is ICSE international board?

No, it is a national level examination from India. IGCSE curriculum is an international board.

How is ICSE marks calculated?

For the ICSE board, the marks are calculated based on the weighted average method. The board take the average of the best three subjects and as well as internal marks scored in the exam by the students.

The grading system of ICSE board?

ICSE board follow the ICSE grading system. The grade is between 1 to 9. The 1 is highest and 9 is the lowest provided to the students.

Conclusion of ICSE full form.

I hope this information is helpful to you understand about ICSE full form and candidates who are trying to take admission to the ICSE school. If this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.

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