Hydrogen Sulfate or HSO4

Hydrogen Sulfate | HSO4– | Chemical and Physical Properties.

What is Hydrogen Sulfate or HSO4?

Hydrogen Sulfate is an anion with the formula. It forms sulphuric acid when exposed to water. It has very small hydrogen sulfate ion. Sodium Bisulfate is that the pure substance NaHS04 that melts at 185°C and begins to lose water with an honest deal of spattering. It consists of one sulfur atom within the centre surrounded by four oxygen atoms and form a tetrahedral shape. The structure is analogous to the structure of methane.

Chemical reaction with different elements:

  • When it reaction with Nitrate ion forms nitrous acid and sulfate ion.

HSO4 + NO2  SO42- + HNO2

  • When it reaction with water forms hydronium ion and sulfate ion. The chemical equation is given below.

HSO4 + H2O → H3O+ + SO42-

Physical Properties:

AppearanceWhite powder
Covalently-Bonded Unit1
SolubilitySoluble in acetone, ethanol.

Chemical Properties of hydrogen sulfate:

NameHydrogen Sulfate
Density1 826.7 kg/m³
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass97.064 g/mol
Boiling PointN/A
Melting Point59 °C


  • Used as a substitute for liquid sulphur dioxide within the removal of residual chlorine after wastewater treatment.
  • The sodium salt of H S is often called nitre cake because it absolutely was formerly obtained by the obsolete process.
  • The resin is employed to appease the skin, and its reddish juice stanches blood when utilized in styptic pencils.

FAQs Related to Hydrogen sulfate Formula:

What is the name of HSO4?

The name is Hydrogen sulfate. It is an anion.

Is hydrogen sulphate an acid?

When Hydrogen sulfate reaction with Nitrate ion forms nitrous acid and sulfate ion.

What Colour of bisulfate?

The colour is light yellow. The structure is analogous to the structure of methane.

It is a strong or a weak acid?

It is an ion also referred to as the bisulfate ion, is an acid. It are often classified as a weak acid. a part of the explanation for its acidity is because of its electronegative oxygen isolating electron density far from the oxygen-bonded hydrogen atom.

Conclusion of HSO4-:

We hope you guys understand about the bisulfate ion and also other topics related to the topic.

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