What is the HSC Full Form in English?|SSLC full form


In this post, you will get the full form of SSLC and HSC full form, What is SSC and HSC, What is the HSC exam, What is 10th class called and more. These types of topics come under general knowledge.

SSLC FULL FORM: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

SSLC stands for a secondary school leaving certificate. It is a certificate given by the school or college after completed the examination of studies at the end of the school or college.

This certificate gives when the student passed in secondary school, if the student fails in the examination the certificate will not give until the student pass in all subjects.

Depending upon the class the levels are classified into three categories.

Primary schooling level: the students who are in classes 1 to 5 come under primary schooling.

Secondary schooling level: the student who is in classes 6 to 10 comes under secondary schooling.

High school or pre-university course: the students who are in class 11-12 come under the high school.

Future after SSL certificate.

The student who is given the 10th class board can go to intermediate college. In intermediate, the general branches are MPC, BiPC, MEC, CEC, and HEC. Most of the students take studies from these branches.

The students who are completed the 12th class board exam can go for graduation in different categories depending on the interest of the student. They are so many options after the 12th class.

HSC FULL FORM: Higher School Certificate

A higher school certificate is also known as HSC or Intermediate or +2 examination, this type of examination certificate is conducted in different states of India and different countries.

Is HSC and CBSE are same

 The HSC new syllabus is similar compare to CBSE, but the solving method is different. HSC is won’t accept the solving method of NCERT.

Subject in HSC exam.

These subjects are common in all schools but some schools have an extra subject to get an extra skill in students.

  • Hindi (first language this language is fixed)
  • Telugu (second languages student choice to select the language)
  • English (third language)
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social

FAQs Related to HSC Full Form:

Is HSC and SSC is same?

No, their syllabus is very much similar but the solving method is different.

What is 10 class called?

After 10 class are completed it is called a secondary school certificate.

What is the average fee of the 10th class in HSC?

The HSC exam fee of a private school is 10,000 but earlier it was 5000.

Conclusion of HSC Full Form:

We hope you guys understand the HSC Full Form and other concepts of SSLC and HSC. If this information is helpful to you then let us know in the comment section.