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Hello, we are going to study the HR Full Form and also complete detail about HR like human resource management, functions of human resources, nature of human resource management, the scope of human resource management, the objective of HR full form, benefits of HR, why HR is important in the organization, and more. Let start. HR full form

HR Full Form: Human Resource 

Definiton of HR full form: 

The HR full form is Human Resource.

All workers or employees who are working in an organization regardless of their level of worker. Human resources are also known as personnel and manpower.

Definition of Human resources management:

The process of making effective and efficient use of workers or employees to achieve organizational goals.

Process of making development, motivating, compensating, training, providing benefits, and appraising human resources. This process is known as human resources management.

According to the National Institute personnel management given definition of HR:

It is part of the management that is concerned with the workers and employees in a company and with their work relationships. Its aims are to bring the workers and employees together and develop in such a way that whatever goals and targets set by your organization to achieve that either the employee is women or men. So that enables them to give their best contribution to the work and achieved the goal of the organization.

Nature of Human Resource Management in HR Full Form:

The nature of HRM has been highlighted in the following features

  •  An inherent part of the management: 

In every organization and company, there are different departments it is not necessary the Human resources has to manage all departments. Every department needs Human Resource Management for better results and positive growth.

  •  Pervasive function or Universal function:

 The pervasive function is also known as the Universal function. It does not matter on which level you are working in the department.  Each and every level employee needs human resource management it does not matter that it is a top-level or lower level.

  • Concerned with people:

Human resource management is concerned with people. Almost the work in the organization is done by the worker, human resource management have to motivate the worker for better result. The employees need fun in the middle of the works to fresh their minds. These all things has to manage the human resources management

  • Action-oriented:

Human resource management does not only record employee performance, who the employee is doing work, it also matters, how the action was taken by HRM. HRM also has to see what changes come in the employee and which development needs for the employee for a better result in the future. How that employee will become more effective in the same particular work for growth in the organization.

  • Continuous process:

Human resource management is a continuous process. Especially when the employees are working in the organization. If the worker or employee getting difficulties during work, that employee will take concerned with HRM without any problems. For example: on the construction site the worker needs a guide or help, that time HRM has to help the worker.

  • Direction towards the achievement of objective:

Human resource management has to do work in such a way that the organization gets the direction towards the achievement of the objective.

I think you guys understood the feature of human resources management by these six features.

Scope of Human Resource Management:

Human resource management is a wide scope, depending on the wide scope it is divided into three parts.

  1. HRM in personnel management 
  2. HRM in employee welfare
  3. HRM in industrial relations
  1. HRM in personnel management:

It is direct manpower management that includes manpower planning, hiring, recruitment, selection, training, and development, promotion, transfer, etc. According to the needs of the organization, HRM has to select those who are special at the works.

If we see the overall objective of the organization that totally depends on the worker. HRM has to give training and improvement tips to the worker, which is indirectly contributing to the organization’s objectives.

2.  HRM in employee welfare:

This particular scope of HRM is for employees because employees need a good environment working space, and other services like health service, welfare funds, transfer facilities, food, and medical service.

Employee welfare is about determining what employees really needs from the organization. Mission has to fulfil them with the active participation of both management and employees.  in addition to this, the organization also has to give the canteen facilities, education, safety, emergency facility, etc. 

Nowadays the human resource management looking towards employee welfare for employees to work for a long time in an organization.

3.  HRM in Industrial Relation:

If the employee has a problem, but the owner not solving the problem so that employee will go to the Employees Union or labour Union.  Human Resource Management has to interact with employees Union to solve problems so that the employee can work effectively, productively, and in order to maintain peace and harmony in the organization. 

The management has to maintain in such a way that both employers and management will get the benefits.

  Objectives of Human Resource Management:

The main objective of HRM availability of the right person for the right job, so that the organizational goals are achieved effectively and easily.

  1. Societal objectives
  2.  Organizational objectives
  3.   Functional objectives
  4.  Personal objectives
  1. Societal objectives:

HRM is socially responsible for the needs, demands, and challenges of society.  HRM has to follow the rules and laws or legal restrictions given by the societies to maintain a healthy relationship between Union and Management.

  •  Organizational objectives:

It describes the role and importance of HRM to bring organizational effectiveness.  HRM has to make human resource planning, to select, training and development of employees to arrange and give effective work to the Employees for better growth of the organization.

  • Functional objectives:

 to maintain the department work or contribution at a good level what the organization needs, HRM has to work according to organization needs.  First of all, HRM has to understand the needs of the organization and implement the work on employees and get benefits to both employees and organizations.

  HRM also have to see which department need which works according to that HRM has to submit work to the Employees and department. 

  •   Personal objective:

HRM and Organisation have to fulfil the personal goal of employees so that the employee gives his hundred per cent contribution at the work.

If workers are to be maintained, retained, and motivated it means the personal goal of the worker is fulfil otherwise worker or employee performance may be decreased may be employee leave the organization.

Other HR full form

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FAQs related to HR Full Form:

What is the HR Full Form?

The HR full form is human resources.  All workers or employees who are working in an organization regardless of their level of worker. Human resources are also known as personnel and manpower.

What is the work of HR?

Human resources is a specialist team is responsible for recruiting, selecting interviewing the person for a job in the organization. human resources are also responsible for placing the work at the right work according to his performance at the word for better growth of the organization.

What are the functions of HR?

Job design and job Analytics 
Employee hiring and selecting
Employee training and development
Managerial relations
Labour relations

Why HR is important in an organization?

HR is a main part of the organization because the first step of the growth of the organization depends on HR.  It matters whom HR is selected for the job if the HR is selected as the best worker for the organization that works for employees gives his contribution to the growth of the organization.

Conclusion of HR Full From:

We hope you guys understood the fHR full form and also other things related to HR and also HRM (human resources management). This information is important for those who are going to start the organization. If this HR full form looks informative then know us in the comment section.


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