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HDR Full Form:

The HDR full form in Camera is High Dynamic Range. It is a technique that gives a perfected image. High Dynamic Range HDR) is a set of techniques that combines multiple exposures into a single frame structure that encompasses the brilliance range of the whole block. Basically, it means connecting two or further images or pictures of the exact same scene taken at various exposure proper levels into one perfected image.

One dark exposure can acquire detail in bright areas of the scene or background, while a second, lighter exposure can give detailed information in mid-tones and shadows. Combined, the two can carry a perfected image with far more common tonal detail.

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HDR Abbreviation:

TermHDR Full FormCategory
HDRDatafile (Egret)File Extension
HDRHardware Design ReviewNASA
HDRHigh Data RateComputer Networking
HDRHigh-Density RangeElectronics
HDRHalt Den RandGerman
HDRHot Dry RockGeology
HDRHigh Dynamic RangeMedia
HDRHigh Dynamic RingElectronics
HDRDatabase header (Pc-File+)File Extension
HDRHard Drive RepeatHardware
HDRHumanitarian Daily RationMilitary
HDRHard Disk RecordingComputing
HDRMessage header (Procomm Plus – 1st Reader)File Extension
HDRHigh Dose RatePhysiology
HDRHuman Development ReportUS Government