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GRP full form:

The GRP Full Form is Glass Reinforced Plastic. It has some other names on market is as fibreglass, composite plastic and FRP. The main particular characteristic is that lightweight, hugely versatile and strong. GRP behaves differently from the classical thermoplastics that are generally used in everyday items. this suggests that it’s parcelled which make it a particularly useful material for an enormous range of item usage within numerous industries.

GRP stand for in railway:

The GRP full form in railway is Government Railway Police. This police officer has to maintain the law and order at the railway station. Also responsible for investigation on crime on the railway stations.

Full-Form of GRP in Business:

The GRP full form in business is Gross Rating Point. Gross Rating Point is a measurement of the gross showing ad campaign over the time period. This number doesn’t determine the influence your advertisements have over people, but it simply relates to what chance were tuned to the station at the time your announcement was raising.

 GRP in Technology:

GRP stand for Gentoo Reference Platform, which is a snapshot of pre-built packs. These packages can be installed or downloaded during the installation of Gentoo to speed up the installation process. The GRP consists of all packages which needed to retain a completely functional Gentoo installation.

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TermCategoryGRP Full Form
GRPUncategorizedGabe Reed Productions
GRPAllergyGalectin Related Protein
GRPUncategorizedGambro Renal Products
GRPGamingGames Russian Patch
GRPPreventionGang Reduction Program
GRPUncategorizedGas Return Pipe
GRPBioengineeringGastrin Releasing Peptide
GRPUncategorizedGastrin releasing polypeptide
GRPPharmaceuticalGastrin Releasing Protein
GRPMedicalGastrin-related peptide
GRPBiochemistryGastrin-Releasing Peptide
GRPUncategorizedGateway Review Process
GRPNetworkGateway Routing Protocol
GRPUncategorizedGay Reality Porn
GRPGovernmentalGender Recognition Panel
GRPEducationGender Responsive Pedagogy
GRPUncategorizedGender Responsive Planning
GRPUncategorizedGender Responsive Policing
GRPUncategorizedGender Rights Project
GRPCognitive ScienceGender Role Preference
GRPEducationGender-Responsive Pedagogy
GRPIndiaGeneral Railway Police
GRPUncategorizedGeneral Registration Protocol
GRPUncategorizedGeneral Renewal Process
GRPEmissionGeneral Reporting Protocol
GRPUncategorizedGeneral Retirement Plan
GRPNormal BusinessGeneral Risk Premium
GRPUncategorizedGeneral Routing Problem
GRPUncategorizedGeneralized Renewal Process
GRPUncategorizedGeneralized Riemann Problem
GRPTechnologyGeneralized Routing Procedures
GRPSonGeneration Research Program
GRPUncategorizedGeneric Race Parts
GRPUncategorizedGeneric Reference Price
GRPMolecular BiologyGenetic Reference Population
GRPInformation TechnologyGentoo Reference Platform
GRPTechnologyGeographic Reference Point
GRPOilGeographic Response Plan
GRPPlanningGeographic Response Plans
GRPNetworkingGeographic Routing Protocol
GRPAircraftGeographical Reference Points
GRPUncategorizedGeographical Routing Protocol
GRPTechnologyGeophysical Research program
GRPUncategorizedGeorectified Radiance Product
GRPGermanGerman Rail Pass
GRPUncategorizedGet Ready Program
GRPUncategorizedGhana Railways & Ports
GRPUncategorizedGhana Redevelopment Party
GRPCosmosGiant Radio Pulse
GRPImmunologyGibberellin-Regulated Protein
GRPPhuketGibbon Rehabilitation Project
GRPUncategorizedGibraltar Reform Party
GRPCiscoGigabit Route Processor
GRPMusicGirls Rock Philly
GRPVitaminGla Rich Protein
GRPUncategorizedGlasgow Research Partnership
GRPRadiologyGlass fiber-Reinforced Plastic
GRPStructuralGlass Fibre Reinforced Polymers
GRPTechnologyGlass Fibre Reinnforced Polyester
GRPPlasticsGlass Reinforced Plastic
GRPProductsGlass Reinforced Polyester
GRPDoorGlass Reinforced Polymer
GRPManufacturerGlass Reinforced Products
GRPPlasticsGlassfibre Reinforced Plastic
GRPTechnologyGlass-fibre Reinforced Polyester
GRPPlasticsGlass-reinforced Polyester
GRPUncategorizedGlass-reinforced polymer
GRPTransplantationGlia Restricted Progenitor
GRPUncategorizedGlial Restricted Precursors
GRPNeuroscienceGlial-Released Protein
GRPMedicalGlial-Restricted Precursor
GRPControllerGlobal Rating Policy
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Relationship Partner
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Remuneration Professional
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Research Platform
GRPEducationalGlobal Research Priorities
GRPUniversityGlobal Research Priority
GRPDevelopmentGlobal Research Project
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Research Publishing
GRPClimateGlobal Resilience Partnership
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Resources Program
GRPNighthawkGlobal Response Pistol
GRPVentureGlobal Retail Partners
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Retirement Partners
GRPUncategorizedGlobal Risk Partners
GRPCompanyGlobal Rolled Products
GRPInformation TechnologyGlobe Replication Protocol
GRPPharmaceuticalGlucose Regulated Protein
GRPMedicalglutamic acid-rich proteins
GRPMolecular BiologyGlycine-Rich Protein
GRPGoldmineGold Reward Program
GRPPuppyGolden Retriever Puppies
GRPUncategorizedGolf Retirement Plus
GRPUncategorizedGonadotropin Releasing Peptide
GRPUncategorizedGood Recruitment Practice
GRPUncategorizedGood Regulators of Pharmaceuticals
GRPMedicalGood Regulatory Practice
GRPUncategorizedGood Reprint Practices
GRPForumGood Reputation Point
GRPEducationGood Research Practice
GRPPracticeGood Research Practices
GRPFoodGood Retail Practices
GRPMedicalGood Review Practice
GRPScoreGorongosa Restoration Project
GRPRailwayGovernment Railway Police
GRPUncategorizedGovernment Recruiting Programs
GRPUncategorizedGovernment Religious Preference
GRPManagementGovernment Resource Planning
GRPUncategorizedGovernor Rick Perry
GRPUncategorizedGovernor’s Reorganization Plan
GRPEmploymentGraduate Recruitment Program
GRPEducationGraduate Research Program
GRPUncategorizedGrass Roots Program
GRPAgricultureGrassland Reserve Program
GRPVoluntary OrganizationGrasslands Restoration Project
GRPParks & RecreationGrassroots Recreation Program
GRPTechnologyGravitational Relativistic Physics
GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGreen Roof Professional
GRPUncategorizedGreen Roof Professionals
GRPEducationalGreen-Rating Project
GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGrey Raid Productions
GRPMedia CenterGross Rating Point
GRPMedia CenterGross Rating Points
GRPEducationalGross Research Product
GRPUncategorizedGroundwater Reduction Plan
GRPCompanies or OrganizationsGroup Risk Plan
GRPAccountingGuaranteed Royalty Payment