GPRS Full Form | What is GPRS in English?

 GPRS FULL FORM: General Packet Radio Service 

The full form of GPRS is General Packet Radio Service. General Packet Radio Service is a packet-oriented wireless data communication service for mobile communication on 2G and 3G communication system. 

It is a new type of non-voice and high-speed packet switching technology for GSM networks. 

GPRS is based on a modulation technique that modulation is known as Gaussian Minimum-Shift Keying (GMSK). For enabling General Packet Radio Service on a GSM or TDMA network, the communication system needs to add two core modules that are GPRS Service Node (GGSN) and the Serving GPRS Service Node (SGSN).

History of GPRS:

  • General Pocket Radio Service was first introduced in the year 2000. 

Benefits of GPRS FULL FORM:

  • GPRS provides high-speed data transfer compare to telecommunication networks. It provides almost three times faster than fixed telecommunication networks.
  • It provides an instant connection with others and immediately transfers the data compare to others. 
  • Cost-effective.
  • GPRS provides internet applications to the mobile and also web browsing, IM messages, E-commerce, etc.
  • The applications of GPRS are unique and high standard
  • Easily billing

Required to use GPRS:

General Pocket Radio Service is a more advanced infrastructure compared to traditional 2G technology. GPRS as 2.5G technology. 

  • Service that needs GPRS modem.
  • The network includes GSM and GPRS. 
  • GPRS aided SIM card. 
  • The remote location required an internet connection or a GPRS network. 

Goals of GPRS:

  • Open architecture 
  • Consistent IP address 
  • Same and good infrastructure with different air interfaces.

Key Feature:

Three key features describe wireless pocket data.

  1. Online feature always
  2. Upgrade the existing system
  3. An integral part of future 3G.

Access Mode of GPRS:

They are two access mode of GPRS.

  1. Transparent Access:

In transparent access, no security/authority/authorization is required by the GGSN. 

     2. Non-Transparent Access:

In non-transparent access, GGSN act as a proxy for authenticating.

There are some useful Books on GPRS. 

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Why GPRS use?

Generally, GPRS is used for connections between the internet protocols that support a variety of enterprises and commercial applications. 

What is the difference between GPS and GPRS?

The full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. That is used for the Satellite-based navigation systems, mapping as well as GIS. 
Whereas GPRS is used for sending the mails, video calling, message, etc. transfer fast. 

What are the applications of GPRS?

GPRS – application
communication: E-mail, fax, etc.
E-commerce: ticket purchasing, banking, etc. 
Value-added service: games etc.
Vertical application: fleet management etc.

What are the advantages of GPRS?

High-speed data service
Application support like
Traffic telemetry
Broadcast service and
Web browsing 

What is the speed of GPRS?

General Pocket Radio Service is a more advanced infrastructure compared to traditional 2G technology. GPRS as 2.5G technology.

What is the full form of GSM?

The full form of GSM is Global system for mobile communication. it is developed by the European Telecommunication standard institution. 

Conclusion of GPRS FULL FORM:

We hope you guys understood the full form of GPRS and also other concepts related to GPRS.

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