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GET full form

The GET full form is Graduate Engineer Trainee. Graduate engineer trainees have finished their degree in an engineering discipline and are recruited by companies as trainees. They perform all tasked tasks and build up practical experience by operating CAD software, working out on systems, and writing reports.

Majorly MNC companies like L&T, ABB, automotive enterprises, etc., follow the conception of GET. After the graduation scale, any similar companies will put you on training for a certain training period (6 months to 1 year). During this time, you may be placed in several departments to make you understand, work and have skills in all fields particular to that company.

Assessment will be done upon enquiring you and dept heads about your work in the field department and latterly you’ll be elected to work in that dept of interest or grounded on the condition after your GET period. furthermore, your profile will change to inferior mastermind or superintendent depending on companies given title job.

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