GATE Full Form | How to Crack the 3 toughest Exam(Gate)


The GATE full form is Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering. it is the entrance exam for doing a master of engineering and master of technology in IITs and IISC.

Who is eligible for GATE exam?

  • A graduate must be completed by Science and Technology.
  • Specific branches are eligible for GATE, branches like Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), B. Arch, B pharm, MSC, and MC.
  • BSc students cannot give the GATE exam. BSc student wants to give the GATE exam, students have to pass the MSC then he/she can apply for the GATE exam.
  •  BSc students also cannot give the GATE exam. if the BC student wanted to give the GATE exam for that the BC student has to complete or pass the MC then he/ she can apply for the GATE exam.
  • There is no upper age limit for the candidates for the Exam.
  • Final year students of B.E, B.Tech, B. Arch, and B. Pharm can apply for the GATE exam. 
  • Final year students of MSC and MC can also apply for the GATE exam.

Exam mode of GATE exam:

The GATE exam is conducted online, this type of exam mode is called Computer Based Online Test.

 Exam Pattern of GATE exam:

  • The total number of questions in the GATE exam is 65 questions.
  • In 65 question, the 30 questions is one marks based and 35 questions are two marks based.
  •  Question types are objective and numeric type.
  •  Negative marks in 30 questions based on one mark, which is 1/3 marks on every wrong answer detected. 
  •  Negative marks in 35 questions based on two marks, that are 2/3 marks detect on every wrong answer.
  • No negative marks in numeric type.
  • The total marks are 100.
  • The time duration of the GATE exam is 3 hours.
  • There is a total of 25 branches. Students can take core subjects in the exam and also interest subjects. 

GATE Exam Benefits:

  1. Public Service Centre (PSC): candidates who wanted to join in PSC, can go through the GATE exam to join e.g BARC, BHEL, HPCL, NTPC, etc. This is the first benefit of the GATE exam. 
  2. Research Institute hiring through GATE exam for Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship(SRF). This is the second benefit of the GATE exam.
  3. The student who wanted to join the bachelor of engineering and bachelor of Technology in IITs but not join due to some reasons that students can join IIT bypassing with good marks or rank in the GATE exam and directly can get admission in IITs and IISC institute.
  4. A candidate who wants to join in top MNCs in the future can go through the GATE exam. After completing the 3-year course of master of technology and master of engineering. The candidate after completing the course easily gets a job in MNCs like Google, Tata, TCS, Samsung, etc.
  5. Study visa through the GATE exam. For students who want to study in other countries like America, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, etc this exam will be a benefit to them.

The subject pattern of the GATE exam:

  1. There is a total of 4 subjects to study for the student. Those subjects are given below.
  • Core subject
  •  Engineering Mathematics
  •  General Aptitude
  •  General English

      2. From the core subject and engineering subject total of 55 questions will be present and the core subject can be selected from the 25 subjects. 

      3. From the general aptitude and general English total questions are 10. 

GATE Full Form abbreviation:

GATE full form are available in different fields, that are given below.

GATE Full FormCategories
Gifted And Talented EducationCommunity and education
Graduate Aptitude Test in EngineeringEntrance exam and universities
GARP Atlantic Tropical ExperimentScience
General Architecture for Text EngineeringComputing and software
Guaranteed Access To EducationCommunity and education
Graduate Aptitude Test for EngineersAcademic and universities
German Appropriate Technology ExchangeCommunities and conferences
Growing America Through EntrepreneurshipBusiness
Gifted And Talented EnrichmentCommunities and educational
General Aviation Telephonic EntryMiscellaneous, aircraft and aviation
Golf And Trout EstateSports
Generic Analytical Technology for EnterpriseBusiness
Glade Ada Translator and EvaluatorComputing and software
Generic Active Template EngineMiscellaneous
General Audio and Television EquipmentComputing and hardware

FAQs related to GATE Full Form:

Who conducts the GATE exam?

Different IITs and IICS institutes conduct the GATE exam on a rotation basis. every year different IITs and IISC Institute conduct the GATE exam. In 2020 the GATE exam conducting by IIT Delhi.

 Why do I have to write the GATE exam?

For getting admission in master of engineering(M.E), Master of Technology(M.Tech), Various PhD programs in IITs and IISC institute. GATE exam conducts only once a year.

What does the GATE stand for?

The GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering. It is the entrance exam for doing a master of engineering and master of technology in IITs and IISC.

Who are eligible for the GATE exam?

The students or candidates who are completed or final year of the bachelor of technology, bachelor of engineering, and a bachelor of architecture for getting admission in IITs and IISC.

Is the GATE exam is for medical? 

No, the gate exam is not for medical students, it is for engineering students for getting admission in Master of technology and Master of engineering college for higher studies, and students also write the exam for getting student visas in other countries like Germany, France, Australia, America, etc. Medical students give NEET exam for becoming a doctor.

GATE exam is a difficult exam?

Yes, the GATE exam considers as one of the hard entrance exams in India for getting admission to masters college.

How many subjects are there in the GATE exam to study for qualification?

There is a total of four subjects are there in the GATE exam for preparing the exam. Which are given below.
Core Subjects
Engineering Mathematics
General Aptitude
General English

What are the total score in the GATE exam?

The total marks in the GATE exams are 100 marks.
From core subjects and engineering mathematics consist of 55 questions and 10 questions from the general aptitude and general English.

Conclusion of GATE Full Form:

We hope you guys understood the GATE full form and other things related to the GATE full form exam, we are tried our best to give you complete and important information regarding the GATE exam. if this Gate full form information helpful to you guys then let us know in the comment. 

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