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EVS Full Form:

The EVS Full Form is Environmental Studies. The surrounding which we live in is known as Environment, study about the environment is called Environmental Studies. Each and every living and non-living components depend directly or indirectly on environments such as plants, animal, soil, air, water, etc. Especially living beings live in the environment and constantly interact with different things and adapt themselves to the environment conditions or situation.

Environmental studies include not only studies of physic, chemical interaction, biological characteristics of the environment but also the social and cultural factors and the man impact on the environment. The environmental studies also deal with how environmental problems can be solved for instance pollution, soil degradation, global warming, over pollution, natural resources depletion, generating unsustainable waste, waste deposits, deforestation etc.

 EVS is a multidisciplinary study, which gives discipline on how to interact with environment things such as water, greenish area, animals, birds etc. (systematically studies interact with the environment). That is the reason environmental studies are available in every branch (as a subject) bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral.

Environmental studies topics.

The EVS studies that include many topics in environmental studies are given below.

  • Pollution control
  • Natural resource management
  • Disaster management
  • Overfishing.
  • Urban Sprawl.
  • Planning
  • Acid rain
  • Genetic Modification Of Crops.
  • Deforestation
  • Waste production
  • Population control
  • Urban planning
  • Water pollution

Abbreviation of BVS Full Form:

Full FormCategories
Extra-Vehicular SuitClothing  
Exposure Value System  General
Exome Variant Server  General
European Voluntary Service  Military
Eritrea Video Services  New & Media
Erdman Video Systems  Companies & Firms
Equipment Visibility System  NASA
Enterprise Visibility System  General
Enhanced Vision System  General
Emergency Vehicle Service  Law & Legal
Electronic Village Systems  Companies & Firms
Electronic Video Store  Electronic
Electronic Vehicle Stability  Transportation
Electronic Variable Speed  Stock Exchange
Ed von Schleck  General
Ear Voice Span  Academic & Science
Earth Vine Sky  General


Full Form of EVS in digital marketing?

The full form of EVS is Enterprise Value to Sales. 

What are 3 types of environments?

The three types of environments
1. Physical environment
2. social environment and
3. Culture

Conclusion EVS ka full form:

The EVS full form is Environmental Studies, that deal with environments (EVS subjects) like history, geography, and science. EVS focuses on the area of EVS, five major areas such as climate science, human health, environmental system and technology.

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