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What is the full form of ECR?

ECR full form is Emigration Check Required. It’s related to the type of passport. Your passport can be either ECR (Emigration Check Needed) type orNon-ECR or ECNR (Emigration Check Not Needed) type. It depends on the following two conditions

Still, the case may be that he has not passed the 10th class (Matriculation), his or her passport will be of ECR types, If a person who has applied for the passport doesn’t give his or her matriculation certificate.e., it’ll have a stamp of ECR.
A person who has passed the 10th class (Matriculation) and provides his 10th class instrument for the passport, also his or her passport will be ofNon-ECR or ECNR type. So, if you’re 10th pass, by dereliction you’re eligible for an ECNR order passport.
A passport that falls under ECR order will have listed it easily with either a stamp or memorandum or full textbook? EMIGRATION CHECK Needed.? For passport before Jan 2007, it used to be a stamp, but for the rearmost passports, there may be a textbook written/ countersign in the address runner of the passport. So if there’s no ECR stamp in your passport, it means ECNR (Emigration Check not needed).

How to check if ECR is needed?

When you fill an Indian passport operation form, you’ll come across a question,? are you eligible forNon-ECR Order?? And you have to elect? Yes? or? No.? if you haven’t passed the 10th class ordon?t have a matriculation instrument to submit, you have to elect? NO.? Therefore, your passport will be ofNon-ECR or ECNR (Emigration Check Not Needed) type.

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