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DSR Full Form:

The DSR full form is Direct Server Return. The direct server return specific feature enables a server to respond directly to guests without having to go through the loading balancer, which eliminates a tailback in the server-to-customer path.

In traditional load balancer deployments, the load balancer is in the path of the customer-to-server communication both the customer-to- server. request path and the server-to-customer response path.

While the volume of data in the requests from the Customer- to- server directions is fairly small, the server-to-customer response traffic or visitors is much higher roughly10 times that of customer-to-server request data. The loading balancer in the path of this high volume response traffic or visitors becomes a bottleneck and adversely affects the communication.

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Abbreviation of DSR:

Data Set ReadyComputing
Direct Server ReturnComputer Networking
Dynamic Symbol ReorderingComputer and Networking
Dream So RealInternet Slang
Dynamic Source RoutingOther
Driver Resource (WordPerfect for Win)File Extension
device status registerGovernment
Dealer Sales RepresentativeBusiness Position
Design Substantiation ReportBusiness
Digital Satellite RipFile Extension
Defense Source RegistryMilitary and Defence
dental service reportGovernment
Demand Signal RepositoryOther
Demand Signal Repository Other
disaster survey reportGovernment
Digital Signature RecognitionElectronics
Defense Success RateMilitary and Defence
Dress for Success RichmondOrganization
DHANSIRIIndian Railway Station
Digital Signal RecorderComputer Hardware
Detonate Status RegisterComputer Assembly
Douglaston Salmon RunSports
document search and retrievalGovernment
Directed Study RoomUniversity
Dynamic Shear RheometerAcedemic & Science
device status reportGovernment
Distributed Speech RecognitionComputer and Networking
Deployment Staffing ReportMilitary and Defence
depot surveillance record, 10Government
discriminating selector repeaterGovernment
Direction Sensing RadarMilitary and Defence
Display System ReplacementTransportation
Device Set ReadyComputer Hardware
Digital Standard RunoffComputing
data scanning and routingGovernment
Donor Sibling RegistryOther