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 DSP Full Form:  Deputy Superintendent of Police

DSP full form is Deputy Superintendent of Police. In each and every district one DSP will be there, the candidate who wanted to become the DSP for that candidate have to write the PCS entrance exam which is come under this state civil service.

Who is DSP?

 DSP is a state police officer who represents the state police force. The Deputy Superintendent of Police is equivalent to the Assistant Commissioner of Police. DSP is also called a subdivision police officer.

What is the exam for DSP?

 There are two ways to become a DSP officer.

  1.  State PCS Exams [direct DSP]               
  2.   State SI Exam [20-25 years take to become DSP]

Different state has different state civil service like Rajasthan (RPSC), Uttar Pradesh (UPPSC), Bangalore (BPSC), etc. The minimum qualification required is graduation from any field. In the PCS exam candidate has to give exams like the physical body requirement test and interview test.

The requirements of candidates before writing the exam:

  • The candidate’s minimum age should be 21 and the maximum age should be 40.
  •  Qualification: A graduation degree must be completed from any field.

 Exam Pattern of PCS Exam in DSP Full Form:

There are three stages to qualify for the PCS exam:

  1. Preliminary examination (objective type)
  2.  Mains examination (written type)
  3.  Personality test/interview

 Preliminary Examination:

There are Total two papers in the examination.

The first paper is general studies consist of 150 questions that carry two hundred marks. In this paper, candidates have to cover different subjects like history, polity, science, geography, current affairs, economics, and the environment. These are the subjects candidate has to study to qualify for the general studies paper. There will be negative marks on each wrong answer.

The second paper is CSAT, in this paper candidate has to qualify a minimum 33 % to go for the mains exam. In the second paper total, 100 questions will be present that carry 200 marks. Candidates have to study different subjects like maths, reasoning, English, Hindi, and communication. These are the mains subjects to study in the second paper. Negative marks will be there on each wrong answer.

PCS mains exam:

There are total of 8 papers to qualify for the PCS mains exam.

  • First of all, General Studies have 4 papers. In these general studies papers, students have to cover multiple subjects to qualify.
  1. General Studies Paper 1:  History, Geography, etc.
  2. Paper 2 General Studies Paper 2:  Polity
  3. General Studies Paper 3:  Economics, Science
  4. General Studies Paper 4:  Ethics.

It is not an objective type paper, it is a descriptive type paper. Each paper carries 200 marks.

  •  The next 2 papers have optional subjects, candidate can select any two subjects from the optional subjects given in the box.  Each paper carries 200 marks.
  •  The last two papers are based on Hindi and essay subject. Each paper carries 150 marks.

 Depending on the marks of the mains exam candidate qualify for the interview section.

Interview section:

Interview carries a hundred marks after qualifying the interview section, you will become a DSP.

DSP Full Form in Electronics:

The DSP Full Form in electronic is Digital Signal Processing.  Digital signal processing is digital processing to take real-world signals like video, audio, voice, temperature, pressure etc. that are digital calculated and manipulate them easily. DSP made for calculating like add, sub, multi and more quickly and easily.

Application of DSP:

  • speech and audio
  • image and video
  • biomedical and healthcare
  • consumer electronic

Advantages of DSP:

  • flexible in operation
  • accurate results
  • stable
  • less expensive

Disadvantages of DSP:

  • limited speed of operation
  • Post navigation
DSP Full FormCategory
Digital Signal ProcessorInformation Technology
Digital Signal ProcessingComputer and Networking
Delaware State PolicePolice
Demokratik Sol Parti
[Democratic Left Party]
Durgapur Steel PlantFirms & Organizations
Democratic Socialist PartyPolitics
Diastasis Symphysis PubisDiseases & Conditions
Dainippon Sumitomo PharmaCompanies & Corporations
Digital Sound ProcessingElectronics
Defence Support ProgramMilitary and Defence
Directory System ProtocolGeneral Computing
Domain-Specific PartGeneral
Diarrhetic Shellfish PoisoningGeneral
Direct Stock PurchaseStock Exchange
Defense Satellite ProgramMilitary and Defence
Deceit Sine ProleLatin
Direct Support ProfessionalJob Title
Delivery Service PartnerGeneral Business
Differential Signal ProcessingElectronics
Dawn Sign PressNews & Media
Departure Sequencing ProgramTransportation
Dynamic Studio Professional Module (dynamic Studio)File Type
Display parameters (Signature)File Extensions
Dynamic Shift ProgrammeGeneral
Distal Symmetrical PolyneuropathyNeurology
Daftar Skala PrioritasIndonesian
Digital Signalling ProcessorGeneral
Dr.halo Graphics Display DriverFile Type
Distribution Service PartnerGeneral
Dynamic Syncopation ProductionsGeneral
Direct Sponsorship ProgramSports
Project (ms Developer Studio)File Type
Decreased Sensory PerceptionPhysiology
Doubling Stock PriceStock Exchange
Develop Succeed And ProsperGeneral
Digital Signal ProcessorsComputer Hardware

FAQs related to DSP Full Form:

What is the salary of a DSP officer?

The salary of DSP is 56,100 per month and extra benefits like
* DSP promoted to ASP.  It takes less time to promotion from DSP to ASP if the candidate came from the PCS exam because it is a state-level exam.  If the candidate came from the state SI exam then that candidate promotion takes 20 to 25 years for an ASP position.

What are the facilities provided to the DSP?

Provide quarters and all staff members at no cost.
The security guard and house helpers like cook and gardener.
Official Vehicle with a driver at zero cost.
The government will pay Telephone and electricity bills.

What are the works of DSP?

* Almost 10 Police stations come under the DSP.
* DSP has to balance and handle the law and order.
* DSP has to protect the properties and peoples, maintained peace in the people, build trust in the police.
* Prevent crime or reduce the crime rate and improve the quality of living for all citizens.

 How to become DSP?

There are two ways to become a DSP officer:
1. State PCS exam [candidate has to qualify the exam and direct DSP post]
2. State SI exam [ candidate has to qualify the exam, you will be promoted to DSP after 20 to 25 years of experience]

What is full form of DSP and SP?

* The DSP full form is the deputy superintendent of police.   DSP works is to prevent and reduce the crime rate.
* The full form of SP is the Superintendent of Police. This police officer controls the DSP.

What is the qualification required to become DSP?

The qualification required to become DSP is graduation, graduation degree from any field, and apply for PCS and SI exam.

What is the salary of SP?

The salary of SP is 78,800 and provided all the facilities which are provided to the DSP and ASP.

Conclusion of DSP Full Form:

We hope you guys understand the DSP Full Form in india and also other things that are related to DSP. I have covered all topics that are related and important to know in DSP full form like how to become DSP, what are the procedures, different ways to become DSP and FAQs related to DSP. If this information looks informative then let us know in the comment section.

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